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How To Manage Hurdles As An Artiste - Godhope Uche (

Digest these below; before reading..

Over the past years as a musician and as a label owner, we have faced many difficulties, and It has taught us to approach problems differently, approach our work differently, and adjust to a "new" normal.

 The mental strain has been particularly great for some people. I feel so bad for people who have to separate themselves because they live alone in music. quite challenging.

What can we do, then, to support ourselves when faced with difficulties? I frequently encounter difficulties in my work as an artist and creator. Even if they are not life or death, they can have a significant impact on mental health. What difficulties does an artist encounter? Over the past few Years, we have faced many difficulties and It has provided knowledge.

In these contents, we'll be more concerned about the commerce part of an artiste, that is, we'll be using words like Sell, buy, etc...

The Hurdles An Artist Faces And How To Successfully Surmount Them

False Identity Syndrome:

You know you've reached that point when you ask yourself, "Who am I to think I'm capable of selling my work?" Why then should they purchase from me? Why should they pay attention to me?

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

Even while you adore producing, there will inevitably be occasions when you doubt your abilities, especially if you're experimenting with an online media or technique. It's extremely upsetting.

Who would buy my artwork?

This one is typical of artists. In general, people are most critical of themselves, and artists appear to have that trait multiplied by 100.

 People lack the funds to purchase art.

This idea is prevalent among all creators, and it, in my opinion, discourages customers from purchasing from you. It's like when you display a piece of art, you immediately assume that no one will purchase it because it is too pricey. The same folks, however, will spend $70-$100 on a pair of shoes, so why not your artwork?

 People love to comment and express their appreciation for your work, but it's rare to have someone express a genuine desire to purchase it. (also a potential misconception)..

Having a location where people can go to buy your art

You can share it on social media, but they must also have a link that they can click to go to a store.

These are some of the difficulties I've encountered and occasionally still experience. How do you overcome these obstacles while continuing to develop as an artist?


First, False Identity Syndrome:

It's all about self-worth, a major problem in our culture. There is no quick treatment for this, but working on self-acceptance and love for oneself is essential.

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

This is once more a matter of value and respect for oneself. This was a significant problem in my own life, and it occasionally rears its head. To get rid of this, I've worked on myself utilizing EFT and constructive affirmations. These were effective for me if you are committed to have faith in yourself.

3. Who would buy my art?

This has a dual meaning because it is related to both feeling inadequate and having little faith in your own abilities. I've dealt with this a lot myself and discovered that I really don't need to pay attention to those who don't believe in my heart...

I enjoy advertising, but I also write a lot of pieces for amusement. I'm still putting effort into this aspect! In my opinion, a sale needs to feel genuine and beneficial. I truly enjoy sales and can completely understand why someone would find anything useful; however, I don't always see this with my own work. Very funny.

5. Providing a store where people can buy

This is MASSIVE! What activities do you have on social media? Do you actually provide a site for people to visit these images, or are you just publishing lovely pictures? There should be a CTA (call to action). On Instagram, I have one that links to various alternatives in my bio. You're mobile.

I hope this has clarified a few areas you can focus on to better yourself and your art company. Self-development is a huge component of the adventure that is life. Have success and keep creating.

I just had to begin with the above points and way out of the box, in this particular phrase.

One bitter you need to know, here is - "HURDLES WILL EVER REMAIN, FOR MUSICIANS, ARTISTE, AND CREATIVES" . and this is because we live in a world full of competition and strive. so educate your mind, and mental state to adapt and adjust to every hurdle...

One of the unavoidable way's to overcome challenges is to simply "ACCEPT" it and work on it. 

We appreciate your patience in reading this piece, do well to anticipate the Version 1.2 (V1.2)



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Esther Allwell is a recent graduate of the prestigious University of Benin, where she bagged a FIRST CLASS IN LAW to emerge as the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT of the Faculty of Law and the only FIRST CLASS in the LAW class of 2020

Esther Allwell, a daughter to petty traders in Aba is the fourth person to make a first class in the Faculty of LAW, UNIBEN since 1981

In 2017, She served as the Executive Secretary of Junior Chambers International, JCI, University of Benin Collegiate, in 2018, she became the President of Junior Chambers International, University of Benin. In 2019, She was elected the President of the International Law Students Association

Through these offices she was able to plan and execute sustainable social impact projects which attracted varying awards and recognitions.

Esther’s experience in legal practice is top notch. This is as a result of her internship with leading firms like the Bright Network, United Kingdom (virtual intern) and Grace Court Solicitors. At her internship with Bright Network, United Kingdom, she had the opportunity of receiving first hand training from leading UK firms including: Clyde & Co, Slaughter & May and Herbert Smith Free hills.

In furtherance of this, she is an ambassador of the National Model United Nations Africa where she has served in the capacity of – Under Secretary General Delegate Affairs; Media and Communications and also represented the Russian Federation at the 2019 AfriMUN conference where she emerged the BEST DELEGATE for the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee.

To Esther, excellence is attainable when we embrace the pain of hard work and discipline.

Her accomplishments further include:

- Chairperson of Collegiate Affairs for the 2021 JCI Nigeria National Convention
- 2020 Global Youth Ambassador for TheirWorld
- Fellow, Own Your Stage Africa Academy
- Chairperson LL.B 5 Awards Committee
- 2019 Most Outstanding Local Organization President, JCI Nigeria South-South/South-East
- Finalist, Victor Ojeah International Law Essay Competition
- Finalist, UNESCO Youth Essay Competition

This is indeed a great news coming after her immediate elder brother bagged a FIRST CLASS in MICROBIOLOGY from the same UNIBEN in 2020

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Nigeria Society of Biochemistry Students (NSBS), AkwaPoly Chapter emerged 1st position in the quiz competition organised by NSBS South-South in it's ongoing zonal convention at the University of Uyo.

Schools who presented students for the contest includes;  University of Uyo, University of Calabar, Niger Delta University and Cross River State University.

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Comrade Samuel Ekomobong has been announced the best Graduating Students of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic 2018/2029 Academic Session.
He was a student of Statistics Department and had a CGPA Of 3.62. 
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 Protest As Comr.Wisdom Emmanuel Wins SUG Election |UNIUYO

Uniuyo Candidate " Wisdom Emmanuel" who happens to be one of the most handsome Candidate in The University of Uyo. Has experience a heartbreaking Moment as the Nigerian Student In Squad make protest over his winning in the election.

  The protest was kinda peaceful yet conditioned by the security persons (NPF) which we guessed was being by the school.

  A Huge amount of Rumours went viral, that the election was rigged in favour of the Comr. Wisdom Emmanuel" yet a brief discussion with Wisdom Emmanuel has proven Authenticity In words and innocent in fair election pursuit..

  While the Nigerian Student Union Government, anticipate a good respond from the Student Affair ...

     Popular Wisdom Emmanuel, has urged every Nigeria Student to remain calm as proper action would be taken, he also urged and thanked every supporter and we'll wishers that Victory still remains with the #Team_Grace..
 More Information coming soon..
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The Academic Staff Union Of Polytechnics (ASUP) has vowed to continue its strike pending when the federal government engages them to resolve their grievances.

In a statement on Friday by ASUP President, Anderson Ezeibe, the union said that it commenced the industrial action on April 6 to draw the attention of the government to the deplorable state of public polytechnics and monotechnics in the country.

“This is with a view to a reversal of the fortunes of the institutions and placing them on a strong pedestal towards meeting their obligations to the Nigerian people.

“We are determined to pursue this position to a logical conclusion for the benefit of the sector, the nation and in favour of the rule of law.

“While holding our position in the trenches of this ongoing engagement, we shall sustain the current engagements with the government particularly in furthering and establishing the gains of the engagements of the 6th and 14th of April 2021. Details of these shall also be made known to the public at the appropriate time,” he said.

Ezeibe said the industrial action, currently in its 10th day, has witnessed strong compliance levels by chapters of our union across the nation.

He said that the workers’ action has led to some knee jerk reactions from the government both at the federal and state levels.

He said the union had been involved in two out of three scheduled meetings with the federal government as represented by top officials of the Federal Ministry of Education as well as Labour and Employment on the 6th and 14th of April, 2021.

According to him, the third meeting scheduled for April 15 was postponed to a later date.

Ezeibe further explained that the meetings held on the 6th and 14th of April, 2021 has resulted to some significant outcomes.

He said the union will continue to press for appropriate documentations and for process-led actions and practical steps for those demands requiring immediate action.

However, Ezeibe regretted that just as the industrial action was on, government appointed new Governing Councils for all Federal Polytechnics to be inaugurated on the 20th of April, 2021.

He said the union is disappointed with the recent appointment of unqualified persons as Rectors in five out of the six new federal polytechnics in the country.

According to him, the union viewed the appointments as illegal as the beneficiaries fell short of the prequalifying criteria for such appointment as stipulated by law.

Similarly, he said that visitation panels have also been inaugurated for the federal polytechnics, despite the strong reservations by the union over the composition of the panels, among other issues.

He however said that the union hopes that the outcomes of the panels shall mark a departure from the previous practices of non-release of reports.

“We have equally witnessed the recent appointment of a substantive executive secretary of the regulatory body for the sector.

“Reports from some state governments, notably Kano, Katsina and Osun indicate ongoing and productive engagements as it affects issues of unpaid salaries, lack of governing councils and non-implementation of new minimum wage among others peculiar to the affected states,” he said.

In conclusion, Another sets of polytechnic have joined the nationwide strike today and the union has vowed that they won't resume work no matter the circumstances. Ibom TV learnt that there has not been any productive Meeting between the federal government and ASUP therefore the strike continues till further notice.  There has not been any date yet for another meeting.

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The Senate of the University of Benin has lifted the suspension of the Students’ Union Executives. This followed the letters of appeal by the executives to the Senate and school Management as well as interventions by the Edo state government and other stakeholders.

The Union activities were suspended on 30th March, 2021, as a result of actions by the Union executives to undermine the authority of the school Management in the wake of the re-adjustment of the 2nd-semester calendar.

The Senate of the University of Benin, at its special meeting held on Monday, 4th December, 2017 deliberated exhaustively on the role played by the present Students’ Union Executives and Parliament on the recent students’ unrest.  The Senate, after due consideration, decided as follows:

  • That the present Students’ Union Executives and Parliament be suspended from office and advised to handover any property belonging to the union and University to the appropriate authority.
  • Consequently, Management has set up a panel of investigation to look at the remote and immediate cause(s) of the crisis.

In the meantime, Management will make representation to Council on the issues of  review of hostel charges.



11TH DECEMBER, 2017.

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Akwa Ibom State Poly acceptance, school fee payment, and registration procedures for the 2020/2021 session has been announced. See details below.

This is to inform the general public that the management of the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic has released the procedures for the payment or acceptance/school fees and registration for the 2020/2021 academic session.



  • Change password
    • Enter your username and password and click on the Login button.
    • Click on change password to change your password.
    • Enter the old password and the new password, confirm the new password.
    • Click the change password button.
  • Fill Profile
    • Click the profile details menu
    • Complete the profile and click the Submit Button
    • Ensure you Update your Level to the current Level
    • Print the Student profile information page

Akwa Ibom State Poly Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

  • Login to the Portal with your username and password
  • Click the ACCEPTANCE menu and select “Acceptance Invoice”
  • Select the Session from the drop-down option and Click on Submit menu to generate your payment invoice
  • Print your invoice and proceed to any bank to pay using your RRR Payment code on the invoice.
  • Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such as Verve, Visa, MasterCards.
  • After successful payment in the bank or online
  • Click the “ACCEPTANCE” menu and select “Pay Acceptance Fee”
  • Click the Print Acknowledgment slip to get your Acceptance fee e-receipt

Akwa Ibom State Poly School Fees Payment Procedure

  • Login to the portal with your username and password
  • Select the “School fees” menu then click on “Pay school fees” to generate your payment invoice
  • Select the required session and payment type
  • Print your payment invoice contain the RRR code and proceed to any bank for payment.
  • Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such as Verve, Visa, MasterCards.
    Note: You must ensure a payment invoice is generated on the portal for the online payment option.
  • After successful payment in bank, return to the portal and login with your account details to print AkwaPoly School fees e-receipt with the RRR code on the invoice.

Akwa Ibom State Poly Registration Procedure

  • Click the course registration menu and select the Register Courses menu.
  • Select the session and semester and click the submit button.
  • Select your courses for that semester and click the submit button,
  • Print the registered courses.
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In a Press Release made by the Students Union President of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Comr. Akaninyene Akpan, he made it clear that Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic will not join the Proposed April 6 strike.

In his statement he made said though Akwapoly is part of the union, they won't join the strike.

His press release;





I wish to use this medium to intimate students on the proposed strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) slated to commence nationwide from Tuesday 6th April, 2021.

It is indeed true that our prestigious institution is also part of the Union but I wish to state explicitly clear that we WON'T be joining the proposed strike action.

The school is currently observing her Easter break and normal academic activities will resume upon approval from the academic board.

Students are adviced to desist from spreading further false information across social media platforms.

Thank you!


Comr Akaninyene Akpan
Students Union Government President

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 The introduction of school uniforms which is mostly used in every schools in Africa today was brought about by our colonial masters a very long time ago.

  Long before the arrival of the colonial masters on the chores of Africa, Africa as a continent had a way of educating the younger generations about the Do (s) and Don't (s), and the norms in the society which is refered to as non- formal Education. 
Since the introduction of school uniforms as far back as 1522 in the United Kingdom, school uniforms are used throughout the world even to typical villages and surbubs around the world as long as there's school there. 

School uniforms have been associated with schools depending on the type of colors and styles adopted by different schools. 
   Back then in 1522 in the United Kingdom, school uniforms were adorned by the children of the poor. 

According to research, the purpose of school uniform is to beautify the students, differentiate students from one school to another,  and most importantly attract people, especially parents and care takers through the beauty of the uniforms to send their children to schools.

The arrival of colonial masters in Africa brought about what we reffer to today as "Formal Education" with the introduction of school uniforms to garnish the beauty of education in Africa.

School uniform have always had a British way of looks, design and pattern which is usually very different from what we know as African style of design. 

We can agree that short Leeves, long sleeves trousers, skirts and blouses we wear as uniform in Africa today are not African ways of dressing. 

The Republic of Ghana which was refered to as a Gold Coast region during the colonial rule have decided to change the way the students in the country looks whenever they are in school, by creating a new pattern and style of uniform with a pure African design with high level of creativity.
Ghana has taken the trophy as the first  Country in Africa to have taken that bold step in a bid to achieve what is reffered to as "Decolonization of the Mind Agenda."

 The normal type of uniform has unarguably transformed through the ages, but none of these transformations had ever portrayed this unique African cultural attributes and styles.
Ghanaian Authorities have taken that bold step to break themselves free of the charckles of the colonial masters by re-inventing their own uniform in an African way which looks even more beautiful in a way. For Africans to move forward, we may follow the right step taken by Ghana to reinvent our school uniform for a more beautiful and more African schools.
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It is no longer a News that the federal government has directed that all schools  be closed until January 18th 2021 while workers Have been Directed   to work from home for the period of five weeks except for those on essential duties.

This Directive is to curtail the spread of covid19 second wave.

Sequel to this development, all federal polytechnic in Nigeria Wii now resume on 18th January and no longer January 4th as earlier scheduled.

This directives affect all schools in Nigeria except from state owned schools where adjustments can be made by the state Government.

As there are three categories of polytechnic; federal polytechnic, State polytechnic and private polytechnic. 

Federal polytechnic is controlled by federal government of Nigeria which means whatever directive passed  by the federal government affects all federal government owned institutions, that is, all federal polytechnic will resume on the 18th of January while Private owned polytechnic will also not resume until January 18th, 2021 as the polytechnic also follow government directives.


 Kano State, Lagos state, ondo state, Adamawa state, kaduna state etc have closed down schools in their state until further notice and this means There won't be resumption until further directives from the state government. 

However, state polytechnic are  not affected by 18th January directive except if the state government directed otherwise. 

Akwa Ibom state students will resume January 4th despite covid19 second wave same as kogi state polytechnic Lokoja and other state that schools have not been closed.

To buttress this point to make it  understandable, if you are schooling in a state polytechnic, you are to follow the circular/memo released by the school management on resumption of academic activities, that is, If there is no any circular stating that you should remain at home then you are expected to resume school January 4th as scheduled.  

An example is kogi state, the  state government have not close down schools and sequel to this, kogi state polytechnic Lokoja academic activities continues January 4th and same thing applicable to Akwa Ibom state polytechnic.

Meanwhile Lagos state has ordered all private and state owned schools to be closed until further notice which means, Lagos state polytechnic and Lagos city polytechnic will not resume untill further directives from the state government.

Students schooling in a state polytechnic are to follow directives from the school management and if there is no any directives concerning  change in resumption date from the school authority, that means you are expected to resume on the 4th of January as stated in the last Christmas and new year break  circular  where the school management directed that normal academic activities continue 4th January, thus you are expected to resume January 4th provided there is no any circular From the school management that stated otherwise.

In conclusion, All federal and private owned polytechnic remain shut till 18th January while state owned institution will follow directives from theur school management. 

Without Adequate information Nigeria students jump to worst conclusions, share this information to all polytechnic students in Nigeria.

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The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) has said the body could embark on strike in the first quarter of 2021.

The President of the union, Anderson Ezeibe, said the union had yet to take a position on the issue but would not rule out the possibility of going on strike early next year.

Ezeibe said the union would review the response of the government to its demands, which would determine its next line of action. 

He said, "We could have gone on strike in November but it was deferred. We haven't decided yet but the position of the union will be revealed in the first quarter of 2021, upon assessment of the response of the government to the demands of our union."

Highlighting the issues that could make the union resort to strike, Ezeibe said: "The inadequacy of the implementation of the Integrated Personnel Payroll and Information System (IPPIS); the non-implementation of assessment study reports of polytechnics in Nigeria; non-reconstitution of governing councils of federal polytechnics; non-payment of salaries in many state polytechnics; non-release of minimum wage arrears for workers both in federal and state polytechnics; victimisation of union officers at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo and Federal Polytechnic, Kogi."

He added that union officers were victimised by the managements of the three institutions and that the matter must be properly addressed.

"In IMT, Enugu, the management dismissed five of our union officers two years ago for participating in union activities. In Udi, one was also dismissed. In Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, two of them were dismissed, one has been called back while the other person is left."

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Earlier today, Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu annouced a personal donation of N5million to Lagos State University (LASU) Best Graduating student, Shotunde Oladimeji. Who graduated with a CGPA of 4.95 and Best Masters Degree Awardee, Olabanjo Olusola Aanu who graduated with a perfect CGPA of 5.0.

In addition to his prize money, Shotunde will also get a scholarship to any university of his choice anywhere in the world to any level of education he chooses.

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President of the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), Prof. Mosto Onuoha, says the continuous strike actions by ASUU are doing more damage than good to the university education system in Nigeria. 

“This matter is about dialoguing. It is about to give and take. ASUU cannot have it all.

“So, I appeal to our colleagues to be flexible in their demands, to help build a resilient and quality higher education system in the country, ” He said.

Onuoha, however, urged the government to stop entering into agreements it could not honour.

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The Commissioners of Education in the 19 Northern States, say they may reopen schools before October 30, but subject to approval of their respective state governors.

The commissioners made this known in a communique issued in Kaduna on Sunday, at the end of a two-day meeting on student exchange programme, school reopening and other matters held in Abuja.

The communique was signed by Dr Shehu Makarfi, Commissioner of Education, Kaduna State, who is also the Chairman of the northern states School Exchange Programme (SEP).

The meeting was attended by commissioners of 10 of the 19 northern states namely, Kaduna, Bauchi, Yobe, Plateau, Niger, Kogi Gombe, Taraba, Nassarawa and Plateau, while others sent their apologies.

“We have agreed to reopen schools as soon as possible, hopefully before Oct. 30, fully or in phases, but subject to the approval of our respective governors.

“Some states have already reopened fully while others opened partially since Sept.  14, so we are looking at the possibilities of reopening as soon as we get approvals.

“We therefore urge state governments, development partners, parents and relevant stakeholders to combine efforts in the provision of COVID-19 prevention facilities in schools to fast track reopening.

“The Federal Government should equally support states to meet the COVID-19 requirements for school reopening, as it did to other sectors,” they said.

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Lagos State Government on Saturday further eased the restrictions on worship centres, permitting observation of daily prayers in mosques and midweek services in churches.

It also approved the resumption of public and private schools from September 21, 2020, adding that only Junior Secondary School 3 and Senior Secondary School 2 pupils in public schools would resume for physical classes.

Worship centres, schools and firms among others were closed six months ago during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic before the gradual easing of the restrictions.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who spoke during a COVID-19 briefing at Lagos House, Marina, on Saturday, according to a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Gboyega Akosile, noted that the resumption would allow the JSS 3 pupils to prepare for Basic Education Certificate Examination slated for October 12, 2020. He urged those in SSS 2 to use the period to revise for their transitional exams to SSS 3.

Though the governor permitted all classes in private schools to resume unlike the resumption schedule for public schools, he advised private school owners to consider implementing a staggered daily resumption schedule and classes on alternate days during the week.

However, all pre-primary school classes, including nursery, daycare centres and kindergarten in both public and private schools weren’t permitted to open for now.

Sanwo-Olu also ordered the immediate reopening of cinemas and gyms, but with a maximum of 33 per cent occupancy, stressing that there must be a minimum of two empty seats between occupied seats in the cinemas.

The governor said, “As regards our places of worship, we are now also permitting the mosques to resume their five times a day prayers; and in the case of churches, they are now also permitted to resume their midweek services. We must not forget that the coronavirus pandemic is still very much with us, and we must therefore strive to prioritise the safety of all our children, teachers, parents, and the entire society.”

“It has become necessary to issue clarifications regarding the resumption of schools, in order to clear any confusion that may have arisen since the resumption date was announced. Public Schools will adopt a phased protocol for resumption of physical classes. Students in JSS 3 and SSS 2 in public schools in Lagos are to resume physical classes from September 21.

“In the same vein, all private primary and secondary schools are permitted to resume from September 21. We have strongly advised school owners and managers to put safety first and open in phases similar to the announced schedule for public schools.

“School owners and managers are advised to seriously consider implementing a staggered daily resumption schedule, classes on alternate days during the week, and utilisation of distance learning methods as a complement to physical classes. All pre-primary–nursery, daycare and kindergarten–classes and schools in both public and private schools must remain closed.

“For all other public school classes in primary school and JSS 1, JSS 2, and SSS 1, announcements for resumption will be made as soon as the state government is satisfied that all necessary resumption protocols have been put in place.’’

The governor said all re-opened schools must comply with safety protocols and hygiene guidelines as instructed by the state government through the Office of Education Quality Assurance, noting that the department would monitor and evaluate schools’ preparedness.

Reacting to Saturday’s collapse of a private school in the Ejigbo area of the state, Sanwo-Olu said all primary and secondary schools in the state having more than two-storey structures would be subjected to integrity test to ensure the safety of pupils.

He further said the state government would take definite decisions on the reopening of night-clubs, bars, event centres, spas, public parks next month, warning that dire consequences awaited those in this category who flouted the restrictions.