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Love in the air. A Nigerian lady who happily said “YES” after her longtime lesbian partner proposed to her in Benin, Edo State has taken to social media to express her joy
Taking to Facebook, the lady identified as Love Nkem Ginika proudly showed off her engagement ring in a post.

She promised to give her girlfriendsher “everlasting devotion, loyalty, respect and unconditional love for a lifetime” in the Facebook post she shared.

She wrote;

I can’t promise you that dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring us many rainbows. i can’t promise you that tomorrow will be perfect or that life will be easy but I can promise you my everlastingdevotion,my loyalty,my respect and my unconditional love for a lifetime.

I can promise you that i will always be here for you,to listen and to hold your hand,and I will do my best to make you happy and make you feel loved.i can promise you that i will see you through crisis and pray with you,dream with you,build with you and always cheers you on and encourage you.

I can promise that i will willingly be your protector,your advisor,your counselor,your friend,your family and your everything….

Thanks for loving me my crown

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How To Manage Hurdles As An Artiste - Godhope Uche (

Digest these below; before reading..

Over the past years as a musician and as a label owner, we have faced many difficulties, and It has taught us to approach problems differently, approach our work differently, and adjust to a "new" normal.

 The mental strain has been particularly great for some people. I feel so bad for people who have to separate themselves because they live alone in music. quite challenging.

What can we do, then, to support ourselves when faced with difficulties? I frequently encounter difficulties in my work as an artist and creator. Even if they are not life or death, they can have a significant impact on mental health. What difficulties does an artist encounter? Over the past few Years, we have faced many difficulties and It has provided knowledge.

In these contents, we'll be more concerned about the commerce part of an artiste, that is, we'll be using words like Sell, buy, etc...

The Hurdles An Artist Faces And How To Successfully Surmount Them

False Identity Syndrome:

You know you've reached that point when you ask yourself, "Who am I to think I'm capable of selling my work?" Why then should they purchase from me? Why should they pay attention to me?

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

Even while you adore producing, there will inevitably be occasions when you doubt your abilities, especially if you're experimenting with an online media or technique. It's extremely upsetting.

Who would buy my artwork?

This one is typical of artists. In general, people are most critical of themselves, and artists appear to have that trait multiplied by 100.

 People lack the funds to purchase art.

This idea is prevalent among all creators, and it, in my opinion, discourages customers from purchasing from you. It's like when you display a piece of art, you immediately assume that no one will purchase it because it is too pricey. The same folks, however, will spend $70-$100 on a pair of shoes, so why not your artwork?

 People love to comment and express their appreciation for your work, but it's rare to have someone express a genuine desire to purchase it. (also a potential misconception)..

Having a location where people can go to buy your art

You can share it on social media, but they must also have a link that they can click to go to a store.

These are some of the difficulties I've encountered and occasionally still experience. How do you overcome these obstacles while continuing to develop as an artist?


First, False Identity Syndrome:

It's all about self-worth, a major problem in our culture. There is no quick treatment for this, but working on self-acceptance and love for oneself is essential.

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

This is once more a matter of value and respect for oneself. This was a significant problem in my own life, and it occasionally rears its head. To get rid of this, I've worked on myself utilizing EFT and constructive affirmations. These were effective for me if you are committed to have faith in yourself.

3. Who would buy my art?

This has a dual meaning because it is related to both feeling inadequate and having little faith in your own abilities. I've dealt with this a lot myself and discovered that I really don't need to pay attention to those who don't believe in my heart...

I enjoy advertising, but I also write a lot of pieces for amusement. I'm still putting effort into this aspect! In my opinion, a sale needs to feel genuine and beneficial. I truly enjoy sales and can completely understand why someone would find anything useful; however, I don't always see this with my own work. Very funny.

5. Providing a store where people can buy

This is MASSIVE! What activities do you have on social media? Do you actually provide a site for people to visit these images, or are you just publishing lovely pictures? There should be a CTA (call to action). On Instagram, I have one that links to various alternatives in my bio. You're mobile.

I hope this has clarified a few areas you can focus on to better yourself and your art company. Self-development is a huge component of the adventure that is life. Have success and keep creating.

I just had to begin with the above points and way out of the box, in this particular phrase.

One bitter you need to know, here is - "HURDLES WILL EVER REMAIN, FOR MUSICIANS, ARTISTE, AND CREATIVES" . and this is because we live in a world full of competition and strive. so educate your mind, and mental state to adapt and adjust to every hurdle...

One of the unavoidable way's to overcome challenges is to simply "ACCEPT" it and work on it. 

We appreciate your patience in reading this piece, do well to anticipate the Version 1.2 (V1.2)



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PAY MUSIC, BEFORE IT PAY'S YOU | @houzofgeneral

These are but just mere earnings from songs in the real sense or digital distribution. All of these, listed above remain the aim Of every artist, musician, songwriter and ultimately entertainer.

Firstly, it is our pleasure to share this inspiring piece with you, and we trust it to be a worthwhile read.

Music has a long-standing definition as an organized sound, that is, sounds pleasing to the ears. This points to the fact that any unorganized sound that is not pleasant to the ear should never be called music.

Every artist and a musically inclined person should be earning profitably from the craft of music, but before it does, have it registered on your mind that "if music must pay you, you must pay music first"

Most rising artists who are energetically fighting to attain stardom, however, do not regard the strive inherent to attending that feat.

Regardless, some artists are most likely to attain success and fame with a twinkle of an eye, some call it "Grace".
But trust me, music demands a whole lot from every artiste who's passionate and ready to scale through the hurdles to attain a height of success.

How Do You Pay Music?

1.Be intentional about succeeding and avoid bad energy.

2.Be ready to serve.

3.Define your sound, and leave a signature in the minds of everyone who hears your song.

4.Explore various ways to help boost your visibility.

5.Learn promotional strategies and know which one works for you.

6.Create an income source to find your music career.

7.Be prepared to accept trials and errors.

8. Avoid negative opinions about people's success, it's highly detrimental to growth.

9. Never borrow to fund your career as an independent artist.

9. Avoid peer pressure that might mislead you.

10. Be focused and take notes of mistakes you make through your journey.

11. Maintain self-love and value.

12. Music pays a consistent artiste who is ready to work, with less target to record label deals.

What this means is that record labels would only consider an artiste who is intentional,

focused, and industrious. Record labels consider many criteria before signing an artiste, so Ling as the music biz is concerned.

No record label would gladly want to sign an artiste who's got low market value, both creatively, financially, mentally, etc

Fame has no fixed time to manifest, it hits at any time and you decide whether or not to respond to it.

I hope this content is helpful so far, kindly drop a comment below, should it be a question, be rest assured that our content team are always ready to respond to all your questions.

Kindly send your questions to our email [email protected]



This Piece was written by "GODHOPE UCHE", and we own the legal copyrights to these literal work...

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 J'Deen - Watin Me Do (ft Weather)

  • Artist: J'Deen ft 
  • Song TitleWatin Mi Do
  • Genre: hip-hop
  • Album: Single (Track 1)
  • Type: Original
  • Released: 2022
  • Duration: 02min (Max)
  • Featuring ArtisteWeather
  • ProducerYB
Sierra-Leone based artiste with the name J'deen is now out with his most astonishing and mind-blowing single titled " Watin Mi Do "....

This piece was cooked and birth out of an heart-breaking experience and exposure of young talent getting dimmed by big stars...


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 I'm Grateful - Augustine O. N (Graceboy) 

I'm Grateful by Augustine O. N

Augustine Ogbonnaya Nwaneri, popularly called #GraceBoy is a Nigerian Gospel Music Minister who is filled with the Holy Spirit and very Passionate about spreading the Gospel through Music.

He is a native of Ohaji Egbema in Imo State.
He started his Musical Career in the year 2014 in Agape Revival Word Int'l Ministry where he served as a Lead Singer & Music Director.

He's the Founder of "THE RECONCILIATION CREW" A non Denominational Gospel Musical group that is known for reconciling Men to God through song ministrations.
 The Host of the yearly event " THE UPPER-ROOM ENCOUNTER. 

The Song " I'M GRATEFUL '' by Augustine O. N was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for How faithful God has been.

Connect Via;

Instagram - Graceboy

Twitter - Graceboy

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As the race to the hilltop mansion begins with the commencement of campaigns, the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel begins to wind down.

Nigerian artiste, Tujay captures the 8 years of experience under the leadership of Mr Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom State in this song and video. 







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It has been brought to our notice of the fraudulent act of impersonation of our brand GrooveHitz, perpetrated by bittered ex-workers who were laid off due to a breach in agreement and work ethics in the record Label " Houz of General"

GrooveHitz is a sub-brand under our most renowned record label, created for the purpose of entertainment and managed by the record label, with a solid presence across all social media platforms. 

GrooveHitz  has been registered and officially cleared for operation hence it is considered a unique and authentic entertainment brand.

It is to be noted that these laid-off workers(name withheld) went ahead to set up new social media handles, under the pretense of operating as Groovehitz, having stolen our Ideas and thus claiming them to be rightfully theirs.

We are currently working on taking legal action against these crooks to see to it that they are brought to book.

Hence, we use this medium to notify the public to desist from any form of business relations or partnership with the impersonators to avoid being dubbed and blaming it on the original brand.

Below are our Official Handles;

Facebook@officialgroovehitz  Instagram - officialgroovehitz_