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How To Manage Hurdles As An Artiste - Godhope Uche (

Digest these below; before reading..

Over the past years as a musician and as a label owner, we have faced many difficulties, and It has taught us to approach problems differently, approach our work differently, and adjust to a "new" normal.

 The mental strain has been particularly great for some people. I feel so bad for people who have to separate themselves because they live alone in music. quite challenging.

What can we do, then, to support ourselves when faced with difficulties? I frequently encounter difficulties in my work as an artist and creator. Even if they are not life or death, they can have a significant impact on mental health. What difficulties does an artist encounter? Over the past few Years, we have faced many difficulties and It has provided knowledge.

In these contents, we'll be more concerned about the commerce part of an artiste, that is, we'll be using words like Sell, buy, etc...

The Hurdles An Artist Faces And How To Successfully Surmount Them

False Identity Syndrome:

You know you've reached that point when you ask yourself, "Who am I to think I'm capable of selling my work?" Why then should they purchase from me? Why should they pay attention to me?

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

Even while you adore producing, there will inevitably be occasions when you doubt your abilities, especially if you're experimenting with an online media or technique. It's extremely upsetting.

Who would buy my artwork?

This one is typical of artists. In general, people are most critical of themselves, and artists appear to have that trait multiplied by 100.

 People lack the funds to purchase art.

This idea is prevalent among all creators, and it, in my opinion, discourages customers from purchasing from you. It's like when you display a piece of art, you immediately assume that no one will purchase it because it is too pricey. The same folks, however, will spend $70-$100 on a pair of shoes, so why not your artwork?

 People love to comment and express their appreciation for your work, but it's rare to have someone express a genuine desire to purchase it. (also a potential misconception)..

Having a location where people can go to buy your art

You can share it on social media, but they must also have a link that they can click to go to a store.

These are some of the difficulties I've encountered and occasionally still experience. How do you overcome these obstacles while continuing to develop as an artist?


First, False Identity Syndrome:

It's all about self-worth, a major problem in our culture. There is no quick treatment for this, but working on self-acceptance and love for oneself is essential.

I'm not up to par: (I’m not good enough)

This is once more a matter of value and respect for oneself. This was a significant problem in my own life, and it occasionally rears its head. To get rid of this, I've worked on myself utilizing EFT and constructive affirmations. These were effective for me if you are committed to have faith in yourself.

3. Who would buy my art?

This has a dual meaning because it is related to both feeling inadequate and having little faith in your own abilities. I've dealt with this a lot myself and discovered that I really don't need to pay attention to those who don't believe in my heart...

I enjoy advertising, but I also write a lot of pieces for amusement. I'm still putting effort into this aspect! In my opinion, a sale needs to feel genuine and beneficial. I truly enjoy sales and can completely understand why someone would find anything useful; however, I don't always see this with my own work. Very funny.

5. Providing a store where people can buy

This is MASSIVE! What activities do you have on social media? Do you actually provide a site for people to visit these images, or are you just publishing lovely pictures? There should be a CTA (call to action). On Instagram, I have one that links to various alternatives in my bio. You're mobile.

I hope this has clarified a few areas you can focus on to better yourself and your art company. Self-development is a huge component of the adventure that is life. Have success and keep creating.

I just had to begin with the above points and way out of the box, in this particular phrase.

One bitter you need to know, here is - "HURDLES WILL EVER REMAIN, FOR MUSICIANS, ARTISTE, AND CREATIVES" . and this is because we live in a world full of competition and strive. so educate your mind, and mental state to adapt and adjust to every hurdle...

One of the unavoidable way's to overcome challenges is to simply "ACCEPT" it and work on it. 

We appreciate your patience in reading this piece, do well to anticipate the Version 1.2 (V1.2)



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"If you dare pull down that door , I'll show you your way to the grave". He said to me pulling a pistol from his back pocket , I trembled as he pointed the pistol at me. That was not an imaginery threat to me because everyone knew Chief Madukananya to be so heartless , he could be so wicked that no one can imagine. I stood by the door gazing at him , tears and sweat went round my face , making my face so wet and slippery. If only my parents were there with me , Chief would not dare stand at my face with a pistol that very morning. I had wondered. I gulped back the tears and went closer to him boldly."For how long will you keep doing this to me Mmaduka?". I asked as i wept bitterly.
"For as long as I'm alive". He responded rudely. I gazed at him in contempts and took a baby step away from him , he began to laugh loudly as if he was tickled or he actually met with a clown.
"Mmaduka , you lie. You can't rape me for as long as you live or I will personally kill you"
'You are contradicting something that is already happening. Now before I loose my temper on you find your body on this bed else I'll kill you if I take it by force'. He commanded.
'You are so impossible. It shall never be well with you and your.....'
'Are you daring me A'Isha?'. He asked as he was about pulling the trigger of the pistol. He grasped my hand and threw me on the bed , I screamed for help as I struggled with him. He tore my night dress and undid he's button. I nearly slumped when the pistol was placed inside my left ear. He rushed into me as I groaned in endless pains , I could feel that piercing movement inside of me , though , I was not a virgin. I felt a hot liquid substance gushing out from my body , then , I knew that I was injured badly. I became unconscious of everything and didn't know when he left my room only to realize it was already morning . I stood up weakly from my bed as I saw pool of blood round my body from where I laid . That night was so terrible and quite different from other times he raped me.I threw myself down and laid restlessly on the cold floor , feeling half death and unconscious. I struggled to pick my phone from where I kept it and called Joan , I told her everything that had happened that night , though , she had no idea about it before. I refused telling her when it first started because I was scared that our friendship could be ruined if I had opened up to her.
'A'Isha why did you have to hide this away from me. Just look at you right now. You're worned out and your life is something.....'.
'Oh please! Joan you would do same if you were in my shoes. I swear with my life , I'll bring down the generation of Mmadukananya'. I said with pains.
'Please A'Isha , this isn't the end of the world'. She pleaded.
'Not until I'm death cos I don't think I'll survive this'. I added. I felt some changes in me , I was becoming a different person who no longer care about other people around me. I felt my heart becoming hardened and my eyes blinded to see the good part of anyone. I couldn't trust anyone including Joan , I felt hatred growing rampantly in my heart. My eyes were exposed to the darkest part of life , even my soul torment me for vengeance. I wish I had powers of my own , I would be so horrible in the life of many men. Nothing interest me anymore , not even the fun of life. I didn't wish my parents were there for me anymore , all I wished for was a successful pay back.
Late in the evening , Joan descided to return home , she dropped her home address for me and directed me on how to use my drugs. It was a week since My aunt left and I was entitled to take my drugs for two months. I was wondering how I would hide that from her because she was a medical personnel who would always suspect that I was not in a good state of health. I prayed always that one day I would be set free. I cried softly when I recalled the job interview which I missed earlier , just immediately , my phone rang ,it was Joan. She was indeed a good friend , she always wanted to see me happy and had always wished she was able to play the role of a mother to me. I had pleaded with her to search for another job vacancy in any good hospital after telling her about the opportunity I missed that day. She assured me of getting me a job at no cost once I was over the whole situation. Joan was the best thing I had at that moment , she do visit on daily basis and was sure nothing had happened to me.
Chief had disappeared from his home since the incident had happened and we both wondered where he could be , but that was not a problem. I was happy because i was getting over everything in his absence , every damages in me gradually became healed. Benson was the only person with me but I didn't make him part of my worries because he was just being a son of a bitch , whom only know how to perch on any girl like a house fly just the same way his father did
It was on a Friday , a day before my aunt's return , I was so excited that atleast Chief would find it very difficult to assualt me as usual. I prepared a very little quantity of food that evening because I was the only person left at home and Joan didn't want to spend the night. I ate and drank in merriment. I turned towards the entrance door and I felt my heart beating so fast just the moment the door opened widely. "Oh no! This old crab". I said in disappointment but in a lower tone that only me could hear myself. I knew he caught my lips moving but I didn't care what he thought the moment our eyes emerged. I felt he thought I was dead or something. That old crab didn't look remorsed of anything , he was such a bastard with a heartless spirit. I stood up and cleared the dinning without greeting or saying a word to him.
"Go clean up my room immediately". He said to me. I looked at him with no word and smiled as I made a way to my room. I knew he was quite baffled , I ensured to lock and bolt my door , that I would do till I was sure my Aunt was back the next day. I thought. I dosed off into a lousy sleep that night , I felt I was safe and my keys were lying under my pillow with me on my bed. I had dreamed severally on the return of Maxwell and my Aunt and it was realistic to me , though , it was just a dream. I woke up around 4:30 AM in the morning feeling pressed , I stood up at once and moved briskly to the rest room after yawning. I brushed my teeth thoroughly after using the toilet , I felt relieved and conscious again when I got my face washed. I needed to clean up the house and tidy my Aunt's room in preparation of her return , I had spent enough time in the bathroom and I had to leave immediately. I went out from the bath room mopping my face with my towel and again I got shocked at the sight of a terrible creature. I threw my eyes on my door it was locked and bolted. I wondered for a moment how Chief got a way into my room.
"Don't forget I'm the owner of this house you little brat". He said. Then , I was convinced he had spay keys to my room.I felt I was not smart enough , maybe I should have joined Joan to her place , instead of waiting for my aunt's arrival.
"What do you want this time?". I asked furiously. He gazed at me for a moment throwing signals to me with his eyes but I ignored.
"You know what exactly I want. Do the right thing or I'll take your life in no waste of time". He threatened. I was not moved by any of those threats anymore , I felt the height of what he could do was what he did recently.
'Go ahead and kill me' . I said calmly without moving my body. He stood up and came closer to me with the thought that I was afraid , he raised the pistol and pointed it at me as usual. I stood there gazing at him , little did I know that the rapist was being calculative and manipulative. He pushed me into my bed with an irresistible force. With no waste of time , he got himself into me and raped me hungrily before leaving my room. I wept softly as nothing was new to me , my mind was made up and I was ready to leave. I called Joan and told her about everything and pleaded to spend sometime in her place. She was a kind hearted being that understood me , she was really a friend and companion to me. I got my belongings ready but I didn't want to leave when Chief Mmaduka was home so he won't stop me. I waited until I was sure he left the house.I took my drugs just after having a late breakfast , it was 11:00AM already and I was expecting Joan in few seconds. I went to my room to get my things when I heard a car driving into the compound. It was quite weird because Joan didn't have the habit of driving into the compound and Chief had never return home at such time. I went down to confirm if it was actually Joan , suddenly , I saw Chief coming in from the entrance door. I ran back to my room and came out with a liquid substance which was put in a little bottle. I hid it at my back pocket as I went closer to him."Where do you think you're going? Didn't I tell you that your movement is restricted till whenever your aunt returns?". He said harshly. I smiled as I thought on what to say to him at that moment. I beamed more smiles as I tried to calm him down , I felt I got the right thing to say and I knew the plans was at it peak.
"Hey! Won't you wish me well?. Today is my birthday , making me 26years". I said to him still smiling. "C'mon , this call for a celebration". I said as I seduced him with my charming eyes , I threw my hands on his chest and robbed it for a while. I made him sit on one of the sofa then I moved my body seductively on him beaming a smile. With his facial expression , I knew he was in a state of dilemna and I kept seducing him till I got him hard. I knew that he had just fell into my trap , I stood up and walked slowly as he kept gazing at me. I went to the the bar and got a wine , I placed it on the centre table in the sitting room. I turned to him and gave him a perk on his forehead before heading to the kitchen , I made him wondered about my sudden change. I went to the cupboard and search for an unused wine glass , I pulled out two dark colour wine glasses from it and rinsed it thoroughly in the sink. When I was sure he was not spying on me , I pulled out the liquid substances from my back pocket and turned it into one of the glasses smartly without wasting time. I took the glasses to the sitting room singing a happy birthday song to myself. I poured the drink into the glasses and handed over the glass of wine which contained the liquid substance to him and took the other. I sat on his laps caressing him in order to urge him drink the poisoned wine. I smiled as I watched him drink the wine , though, he was still looking confused. At that moment , Joan dashed into the house. I jerked and pretended even when I knew she caught me , I smiled at her as I tried communicating to her through gestures and body movements.
" oh! Joan is here already..... Happy birthday to me". I said hugging her.
'Play along' . I whispered to her as I left her. Chief Mmaduka adjusted himself in the sofa and drank more , I smiled happily because I knew his end was near. Few seconds after , we caught him bleeding through his nostrils.He looked at me surprisingly as he ran out of words.
"Yes I did it. Yes I poisoned the drink. Go to hell for all you caused me Mmaduka...."
Some minutes after that moment , the door opened , it was my aunty and Benson whom picked her from the airport. I ran to my room and brought down my luggage , meeting my Aunt again in deep thoughts .
"I poisoned he's drink. For all that he caused me , the rape , the insult , the trauma , everything". I bursted into tears at that moment , I carried the remaining wine which was left in it bottle and went closer to him. "He would pay more if I was God. I am not guilty. Rest in pieces". I said pouring him the remains of the wine on his dying body , not minding the presence of my Aunt and Benson his son. I dropped the empty bottle on the centre table and left the scene with my luggage as he groaned in severe pains , leaving everyone in great shock. Though my luggage were too many but I struggled to pick all of them at once , I put them at the boot of Joan's car when she came out.She kept staring at me while driving to her place , I never thought of how anyone felt because I was in pains and deep depression. I wondered how I could start up my life again in Joan's place because I was left with nothing on me. I cleaned my tears when Joan packed her car at one corner of the compound , she helped me out of her car and assisted me into her house. I was surprised she lived in such a lively home all by herself , it was well furnished and looked too classical. I gazed at the wall stickers as she offered me a sit , she ran into the next room after the dinning room which I guessed was the kitchen and came out with a glass of water , I took the water as I recollected how Chief took the poisoned wine I gave to him. What if Joan did same?. I thought for a moment when I soon realized that life was meaningless to me , taking my life wouldn't be a problem to me , after all , my parent went without having a thought about me. I gave Joan the glass when I was through and she placed it on a side tool. She sat closed to me and placed my head on her laps , she mobbed my face with her face towel and kept staring at me for a while. I felt I betrayed her trust , even if Chief deserved death , I prayed she understood me and had reasons to trust me again as her best friend. She knew I barely hurt a fly and I was really an inoccent type of person that could not harbour evil in my heart.
"Joan , I'm so sorry , I know I've betrayed your trust by poisoning him but please understand with me that I was left with no option than to do so. I don't know how all of a sudden I became wild and heartless....". I said feeling remorsed.
"Shhhhhhhh....... say no more. Many would do same , I would have done more but I'm just worried. What if the police get involved?". She said to me putting me in deep thoughts.
"You never thought about that but I won't blame you for that because whatever that had happened was not intentional. The greedy Chief caused it all which his life must pay for it". She said sympathetically , I rose and sat erect staring at her weakly.'Then I'll pay for whatever consequences that approach me if the police gets involved. But where were they when I got raped , traumatized and threatened?. Like I said earlier , I'm not guilty that tells you that this is not the end of this. I'm sure , that old beast is death by now , cos that substance was really strong and effective. I can't wait to see his body sink into the grave'. I said. I knew Joan was surprised at me but I was convinced she understood why I did whatever I did or say.
'I understand all of these Teddy but it shouldn't be you. You've gone through alot already. I promise to stand by you'. She said bring me closer to herself , I nodded my heard in agreement as she dragged me more closer to her , making me loose my balance. I remembered last I got really sick as I rest my head on her soft breast , my mother would do same after giving me my drugs and i would remain still at that position until I finally dose off.
A moment after washing up , I got a bit relieved and had dinner with her before having a long rest.

*If you were in A'Isha's shoes would you take the life of Chief to gain back your freedom ? Not minding how your aunt's or anyone will feel about your actions?.
*If you were Joan , would you trust A'Isha and still accept her as your best friend or you will keep a distance away from her to avoid getting into trouble?.
*What do you expect A'Isha to do if the police get involve?.
*A'Isha's aunt was left in great shock , what do you think she intended to do when she recovers?.
*Was A'Isha wrong killing Chief despite all he caused her?.
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Maxwell migrated to Eastern part of Nigeria due to the job opportunity he got there. It was very difficult to secure a good and presentable job here in Africa. Every citizens especially , the youths , struggled and hustled everyday of their life for a good job. Lack of job opportunities had resulted the citizens to partake more in crime and many had died of poverty.
The economic system of Nigeria was too poor and not presentable at all because the currency of the country looses it value at no cost which that had been one of the challenges the country had. The weak and poor citizens did not work and struggle to have money but rather they struggled to eat and ensured that they are able to send atleast one of their son to school for the hope of a better future.
Education had been one of the most salient thing a Nigerian parent must carter for his children. No matter your work status in the society , every parents were entitled to carter for their children's education though those with the poorest work status were considered too but it was adviseable to send atleast their eldest son to one of the public school in their locality established by the government.
I began to clear up the dinning table when my aunt went into a conversation with her husband. That was the habit they developed every day immediately after their evening meals. Nobody had the interest of paying attention to whatever they were discussing because it was a sort of boring discussion to us.
I'm travelling this weekend with Dr. Adekunle for a seminar at Delta". I heard my aunt informing her husband. The discussion became interesting though I was a bit anxious. I was filling the fridge in the dinning room with the remaining bottled water which was just kept beside it. I wasted extra two minutes there just to pay attention to their conversation.
"How long will that be?". Chief asked.
'Two weeks according to my boss". My aunt replied. I hissed shaking my head anxiously before I joined Matilda in the kitchen. I leaned by the wall feeling very worried as I watched her do the dishes . She observed my mood and demanded to know what the matter was.
'Really? That means I would go to Cecilia's place till whenever mum returns'. She said as I informed her about Aunty Alice's trip. I became more anxious and restless because I knew I would be left all alone with Chief and his son and that was what I never wanted in my entire life. I thought for a moment where I could go during my aunt's absence as silence engulfed the room. I knew it was time to face more than a lot of challenges from both Chief and his son.
I was retless couple of days before my aunt left to Delta state but I became relieved when I recalled the job interview I had. Though , the job interview was not enough to keep me absent from home but I was okay with it because I knew with time I would be over everything that had bothered me and eventually I would get the job.

Chief and his son , Benson , were at the balcony when he sent me to clean his study and bedroom as usual. I was really careful while carrying out those chores especially during the absence of my aunt and Maxwell. I layed his bed and brushed the floor thoroughly. Beads of sweat went round my face while my braided hair dangled round my neck , making me uncomfortable. I was really exhausted and unkept. The entrance door opened few minutes after I was through mopping the floor , I dashed out from the rest room with a long broom which I used to dust the ceiling of the bathroom. I stood by the door staring at him as he walked into the room. There was silence in the room which made it a graveyard. Weird thoughts ran through my mind as he kept staring at me with a smirk on his face. I quickly trashed the dust in the waste bin and left the room without saying a word to him. I ran into my room breathing heavily. I slammed the door when my eyes caught with the wall clock , it was 9:45 PM. I removed a pair of trouser and a shirt and ironed it thoroughly as I swam in thoughts and memories. I took a bathe and went on my night gown , I prayed shortly and went to bed. Though ,I was not drowsy at all but I was really tired and restless too. I had an interview the next day , I was excited but was still feeling discouraged.
I fell half asleep when the door to my room opened slowly. I forcefully opened my sleepy eyes and turned to the directon of my wall clock , it was 2:20 AM in the morning. I raised with a jerk the moment he came into my room. He placed his index finger in between his two lips.
"Not again". I whispered to myself. He crawled into my bed and threw himself on me. The grisly moves on my body irritated me so much , I struggled and jumped out of the bed when he threw his hands round my abdomen. I ran to the door with no waste of time and struggled to open the door , only to realized that he locked the door the moment he came into my room. It was so unfortunate and quite frustrating. That had been his daily routine since my aunty and my cousins left home. I was threatened and raped severally. I know he would have raped me that evening in his room if I didn't leave his room that moment he came in.
At first chief envied and accused me alot of things I never did because I blatantly refused to sleep with him. He kept harrassing me any day and anytime he had slight opportunities to do so. Reporting the case to my aunt didn't do any good for me except it gets to Maxwell's ears , that was when I would be relaxed and secured because he had always fought hard for my security at home. He reataliated every single time I got harrassed and gave his mother no reasons to save her marriage when her niece got into such troubles. Maxwell was more than my backbone , I could rest my head on his chest whenever I needed comfort and peaceof mind. Life was really unfair with me since the departure of Maxwell to the Eatern part of Nigeria. My aunt's cold attitude towards her husband's selfish and wayward life made me feel that she was greedy and self centered. She secured and protected her new marriage than her own children's happiness.
Two months after the death of her first husband , her husband's people and their traditions made life so unbearable for her , especially , when she declined the marriage proposal of her late husband's brother , Chief Silas Mmadukananya. After declining the marriage proposal several times , she was accused of killing her husband for money rituals and some selfish reasons
because the late Chief Donatus Eze was seen as a man whom was not buoyant enough to raise his family to the society expectations due to his work status. Aunty Alice was the breadwinner of her family and that was not a problem to her because she had always loved and cherished her husband and family so much. She was humiliated ,frustrated and threatened by her husband's people that even the traditions and their beliefs could not save her from the wrath and agony. All these had happened a year after the death of my late father and she had no home or family to defend her or fight for her right and freedom. Her people including her father , rejected her and her late brother , my father. My father had told me little secrets about his family and how he lost his mother earlier before he died.
Many years ago , a God-fearing woman lost her marriage because she devoted herself to God Almighty instead of following the beliefs and traditions of the Islamic religion. She was highly recognised and expected to lead other people , especially , the women to be a zealous and devoted Muslims. She was also expected to join the people in practising some customs and traditions , mostly , during their festive seasons and ceremonies. She was said to be the wife to Muhammedu Rashidi , the oldest son of sarkin Tanimu , the emir of Katsina. Muhammedu Rashidi was given the title of sullubawa clan as the first son of the Emir. He was an influential top member of the clan , especially , during the Holy War which was known as "Jihad" in Hausa land.
As a member of the sullubawa clan and a title holder , both him and his household were expected to protect the norms and traditions of the people including their religious beliefs. He was to show good morals to the society as a prove that he would lead the people when he inherit the the traditional power from his father.
According to my late father , being a Christian at that time was something aborminal because the people were threatened that their norms , beliefs , customs and traditions would be buried if they dared to practise Christianity. Muhamedu Rashidi whom had loved his wife so passionately became so infuriated and envious to his wife commitment in the worship of "Foreign God".
A'Isha Rashidi was rejected and despised in the society. She lost her marriage as a result of being a Christian and she knew that her life could be endangered to so many forces since she failed to be a devoted mother to the beliefs , customs , and traditional practises of her people. She didn't hesitate to teach her children the ways of being a good Christians and that brought alot of hatred from so many people in the society. She ran away with her two kids which was my late father and Aunty Alice and settled in Calabar , the capital of Cross River state before she died. My father had always praised her mostly when one of his favourite native delicacy was prepared by my mother back then when they were still alive. He told me how virtuous and God-fearing his mother was and never failed to give a remarkable honour to her each times he visited her grave. He had loved his mother so much that he named both me and baby Ashlyn after her. A'Isha was given to her by her father during her naming ceremony but when she finally grew up to become a wife and mother , her husband changed her name to Habibah because she was such a lovely soul no man would want to let go. Though , changing her name to Habibah
didn't stop any one from refering her as A'Isha because Habibah was seen as a pet name given to her by her husband. My father told me that he named me A'Isha instead of Habibah because the moment I was born alot of promises and good dreams were fulfilled in his life , especially , that of establishing one of the biggest oil company in the country. He was a nobody in the society and all he did for survival was to export palm oil to other states , sometimes if he was lucky enough to find connections , he would be asked to deliver them at the sea port. Life was really terrible for him that he never wanted to give up. He had promised to educate Aunty Alice with whatever he generated as income and giving up was something he never wanted because he was always a man of his words. My father cherished me so much that he always refer me to his mother on a daily basis and didn't bother giving me an English name or baptismal name just the way he did during Baby Ashlyn's naming ceremony and baptism. When baby Ashlyn was born my father felt the love of his mother throw his wife even when she was not able to give him a make child like his mother did. He saw his mother in both me and Habibah and always pray for the grace to train us according to the way of the Lord. Though , he did but death didn't let him eat the fruit of his labour neither did Baby Ashlyn enjoyed that father's care like I did. He told me about many girls whom are deprived the right of choice and hapiness.
" A'Isha be happy with the little you have and never misuse an opportunity given to you to become a better person because alot of girls even smaller than you are , craving for quarter of what you have as little". He advised one cold Saturday evening during one of our deep conversations. Many are molested , abadoned , and abused in the society because an impression was given that women are all "Weak Souls". So many girl's future had been buried in their early grave as a result of child trafficking/abuse and early marriage which was practised in the society. Most of those girls , mostly those who resided in the Northern part of Nigeria , had been killed by some dreadful diseases like; Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs) , Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) , Internal bleeding ,and other numerous dreadful diseases. Those girls who were victims of early marriage , were exposed to those dreadful diseases as a result of being forced to make love with their husband. They were never handled with care and their sex steroids and hormones were not strong enough to satisfy a man's sexual pleasure. Many who were not strong enough , died during the process of child bearing and some got infected by any of those dreadful diseases which could lead them to their early grave. In Africa as a whole , women were used as sexual dolls and men had that ideology that a man can't benefit much from a woman except breeding children , satisfying their sexual pleasure and making the family meals. They felt sponsoring a woman in her academics was a waste of time and resources because all they were expected to do was to stay at home and become a home device for family planning and child grooming.

* What do you think is the best thing A'Isha could do to avoid being raped by Chief Mmadukananya at that time? Remember the door was locked.
* Would you pull down the door without considering if he was with a gun or any harmful substances?.
* Due to the sexual abuse our teenage girls and women face in the society , what do you think is more adviseable to do to kill the impression that women are the "Weak Souls" in the society?.
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  It was on a Thursday , I was asked to prepare breakfast for the family because my Aunt was called urgently from the hospital where she worked for. She was a nurse whom loved and cherished her job so much that she wouldn't mind missing her meals whenever she got an emergency call from the hospital or was late for work. Maxwell and Matilda were still on bed when I went to prepare the meal. I went to the kitchen with my music box and played music of all sort. That was what I loved doing whenever I got bored and left alone. I chopped the onions in round shape and blended some of it together with the fresh tomatoes. It was a stew and boiled rice. I turned the meat into the pot and covered it with a lid.I felt hands running round my waiste as I moved down to the kitchen sink to get some water. "oh my God!" . I exclaimed in fear and threw myself to the next corner . I turned and gave a sharp look at the being standing before me. I became infuriated at his abnormal act and I felt like squeezing him like a round pulp. He stood by giving me those irritating smiles and gestures. I pushed him away when he came closer, I thought for a moment what was right to do to him but I was absolutely empty and blank. "To start with , you disgust me alot and you are not different from all these high class street brats that roam around. Stay clear from me Benson or else"...... 'Or else what?'. He cuts in smiling. 'In my house you threaten to hurt me? Oh! C,mon already". He added. I felt bad at some point the moment his words played back in my mind. He was literally reminding me that I didn't have a home due to the fact that I lost my both parent. Tears filled my eyes and I felt so humiliated. I had lost my comfort in my Aunt's house because of her husband and her step-son , Benson. I had no peace of mind and I was becoming conscious of every thing especially when I was left alone. Chief and his son kept using harsh and abusive words on me. Aunty Alice rarely oppose them because she didn't want to have any kind of problem with them and she didn't want to loose her marriage too. Most times , she advised I pretend as if nothing happened. "If staying under your roof is what is making you harrass me , then I'll leave". "You will leave to no where A'Isha.". At that moment those tears which settled onl my eyelids fell down to my cheeks. Maxwell , whom had heard our argument from the dinning room cuts in with anger. He stood by the door with a bottled water which he had removed from the refrigerator kept next to the kitchen door in the dinning room. "Benson , I won't have you insult , harrass or even threaten my sister or any of us including my mother in this house. I am warning you. You don't touch the tail of a lion and go free". Max said to him nerviously. Benson bursted into uncontrollable laughter , making Maxwell dumbfounded. Max sighed when he realized it was he's way of making mockery of him with his irritating laughter. He took little quantity of the bottled water as he ignored Benson. After a short while he adjusted himself again and said to Maxwell. "Maxwell , it is said that lions do not feed on the same meals with the goats but I'm still wondering why my father would bring in bunches of ingrates to a palace meant for kings and queens. Throughout your poor and wretched father's stay on earth, he was known for nothing and poverty was what ended his days"..... He paused and went closer to Maxwell. "I have received more than enough from you Max" he added rudely. 'You have? Of course you haven't. Atleast my father was not known for various abominations which I won't name right here cos I don't have the time to spare. Benson , I rather die a poor and wretched man than to be a foolish millionaire , molesting and womanizing different women at different stages , both old and young". Maxwell pauses for a while as his anger arose. He began to breathe in and out heavily like an asmathic patient. That act reminded me of my late mother , she would be taken to the hospital immediately the moment she began to breathe heavily. Sometimes her inhaler do help to reduce it but most times especially when she got into a dusty environment or took anything that could choke her , it may likely to fail and the best way to solve it at that moment was to take her immediately to the hospital for proper medication. "If my mother had listened , I won't have you here insult my late father or harrass my little kid sister. Stay away Benson. I'm warning". Maxwell dragged me out of the kitchen the moment he was through talking. We both went to my bedroom , he left my hands as he shot the door. I used my towel which I hung on the door to my bathroom to wipe my face , Max sat on my chair and gulped the remaining water. He felt a bit relieved as he poured out a deep breathe , he trashed the empty bottle in the waste bin which was just by the entrance door to my bedroom. He turned facing towards my direction. "Max you were wrong for bringing in his father into our quarrel and argument. You shouldn't have".... 'I bet your pardon ? I should've left him harrass you so I won't find you here saying those rubbish'. I knew Max to be hot tempered but he never transferred aggression on me before. I was pissed but didn't want to make it obvious. I flung my towel on the bed and left the room without talking. When I approached the kitchen , I peeped at one corner to the other . When I was sure that no one was there with me , I decreased the volume of my music box so I could hear whatever movement in the the kitchen. I opened the canned tomatoes after steaming the meat and hurriedly boiled the rice. I was expected to be done cooking before Chief demanded for his meal as usual. I didn't want to fall at the wrong hands that day so I fastened up as I struggled to be
ime conscious. I had my breakfast with my cousins after serving chief and his son. I and my cousins did not eat together with Chief except my aunt was around because she would dish and serve everyone at once provided were at home. I laid lazily on my bed after having a bathe , I kept staring at one of my teddy bear which was just beside me. I had good memories of each and every one of my teddybears. I first got "Baby bear" from my father. It was black and white in colour and had a brown bow tied round it's neck. It really looked like a bear but was not as soft as one could expect. The next I got was " Momma's pet". It was a gift from my mother during one of my birthday. It was a purple bear with dark eyes. It had a piece Of writing sticked to it's both hands. Baby bear was still preferring because Momma's pet was not as big as Baby bear. "Ashlyn Baby" was the next bear I got. It wasn't given to me as a gift. It was owned by my little baby sister whom died three months after my mother gave birth to her. I named it after her name. I was still very little back then when I lost her. I gradually began to understand what it means to lost a kid sister and her absence was hurtful but didn't hurt me deeply like that of my father and my mother. I got alot of teddybears in several occasions. My parent later made it a tradition to get atleast one for me each time they embarked on a very long journey. I got a pink teddy from Joan , my best friend. She gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday. She really surprised me with a lot of gifts. I didn't just get a teddy bear from her but I got a set of gold jewellers , handbag , a dressing sandals , and a big beautiful red hat surrounded with gold roses. I named the teddy bear which she gave to me "Bestie" because it was coming from a best friend. I got "Mr.Barrister" from Jasper on the day of my matriculation. He was the son of my father's childhood friend. Both my father and his friend grew up to become what they dreamed and intended to become with a lovely family. Mr.Barrister had a black and white dress with a gold wig on it head and a glasses which was sticked on it's face. It was looking so funny when I first saw it and I felt ashamed bringing it out not until my friends in school began to drag it with me. The next I got was "Heartbeat". It was the first teddy bear I got after the death of my mother. My father presented it to me on my twentieth birthday. He told me that my mother bought it and hid it in one of her box with the intention of giving it to me on my next birthday. It was so unfortunate that she didn't live to see that day , that was the reason my father celebrated my twentieth birthday in memory of her. I nicknamed it after the name she was fond of calling me. Heartbeat had been one of my favourite. It was yellow colour and had red heart shape sticked to it's hands. It was so soft and larger than any of the teddy bear I got then. And I never joked with it. I usually lock it in my wardrobe and let it out whenever I missed my mother. "Jewel" was one of the presents I got from Barry on one of the Valentine day. Barry was my first love but i could not have anything doing with him or keep him because he got engaged before we met and later got married to his fiancèe. Such feelings hurt so much but I had no other options than letting go of him. I did that because I didn't want to destroy what was caged by two lovers that intended and wished to spend the rest of their life together. The teddy bear really looked beautiful and amazing. It had a white and red colour and a rose flower in it hands.

I named it after the pet name he gave to me. My father later bought me "Dazzling Angel and "Poppa's favourite" before he died. Both teddybears were the last I got from him before he died. They were very big and beautiful. They were my dream teddy bears. My father got them on my twenty-fourth birthday. That was the last birthday he celebrated before he died . He celebrated the birthday in a large and unique way. He made me feel like a queen that day and bought me alot of gifts. My late father was really grateful because that year I was graduating from the university. Death made it so unfortunate for me that I wasn't celebrated anymore by those who had loved and cherished me. I had loved and treasured my parents so dearly but death didn't allow me enjoy their unconditional love and care or allow them eat the fruit of their labour. My father gave me pet names like Teddy and Baby T when he realized that I was really inlove with Teddy bears. I had many of them , they littered my room especially when it was bed time. I usually throw some down to the floor when I struggled to find space to sleep at night. My father bought me a lovely red box to put some of them when it came to he's notice. My box of teddybears had been my companion where ever I go that I didn't mind leaving my panties for it. "A'Isha ". Matilda called as she tapped my ankle. I yawned shortly and opened my eyes. I struggled to seat erect as my eyes fell weakly on her. She was dressed on a pair of Jean trouser with a sleeveless top. I cleared my throat to break the silent as she stood aside gazing at me. She took her eyes off me when she noticed I was alright. "Are you expecting anyone?". She asked.I yawned longer again shaking my head and tightening my eyes. I felt relieved after a moment , I moved slugishly to where my fridge was kept in the room. "Someone like who?". I asked in a cracked voice. She moved to where I was as I removed a bottled water from the fridge. I hurriedly opened the bottle and gulped down the water till it finishes. I dumped the bottle and sat back on my bed. I stared at her for sometimes waiting for her response but she didn't say anything. "Matilda , please get me my cellphone from the table". She looked closely at the table until she was able to spot my phone. She picked it up without saying a word and handed it over to me immediately. I stared at my world clock shortly and hissed. "So why do you have to wake me up from my sleep?". I asked when I was able to regain full consciousness. "Sorry about that. You have a guess waiting for you in the sitting room. She said her name is Joan". She said to me politely. I was baffled when I heard my best friend's name. 'Joan?'. I asked again to confirm that I heard the right name. Matilda nodded her head smiling . She left me in the room as I hurriedly changed whatever I was wearing to a pencil , short , sleeveness gown. It had different colours of flowers round it and had white as a background colour. I untied my hair and let the braids fall down to my back and around my shoulder. I applied a little white powder on my face and a gloss on my lips. I was so excited that finally Joan came in search of me. It had really been a long while we met. Seeing her again was something very amazing one could ever imagine. 

 BRAIN TWISTER: *What do you think about the silence of Aunty Alice each time her niece got sexually abused by her step son?.
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      • Just as a chick would be left alone roaming in the bush and lost it's way , I was left and abadoned in a little world of tears and torment. Anguish and agony were forcefully imposed into my life. My tears was not enough to demand redemption.
The blind could see my unstoppable torment and sufferings but could not see the light of my future. The dumb could tell my story but could not tell me the solution to my predicaments. Even the deaf man could hear my cry but could not hear what the heart of my opressors says against me.
Here I am, left alone. Yes, I am left alone with no home or family. No one cares to Know my ways, greed had taken over those who could help and pride had lured those who could be called family.

My name is A'Isha , a native of Katsina state. A young elegant lady of twenty-five years. I'm endowed with beautiful body curves and a nice appearance. I'm tall with two heavy legs that suit my soft body structure. I'm dark in complexion and had dark long hair which dangles round my back when ever I breaded it. I'm not loved by many but I've been molested , frustrated , tormented , harrassed , abused , stigmatized , victimized and exposed to horrible experiences.
The tragic line of my story all started when I lost my both parent. I first lost my mother when I was just nineteen. She died of chronic Asma. Her death was so heartbreaking but I was able to prevail my emotions. My father died two months after celebrating my twenty-fourth birthday. He was caught in a car accident on his way back home from one of his official meetings and didn't survive it.
In a twinkle of an eye , I was left with no family , no friends , no companions not even love ones. The shadow of darkness prevailed me. Those who never liked my family triumph over my parent's exit. Claims of properties began to come in like a flow of anointing , my father's business and belongings were used abusively. The place I called home was filled with emptiness and dryness.  I was too scared to accept my eyes when suddenly I lost stability pschologically. I ran abadoning my home and my parent's wealth for the dogs which attacked them in their mouth like a piece Of bone desperately.

I finally settled in Aunty Alice's home after my studies. I studied medicine and surgery for six years and going back home was like being in a strange land because of  it's occupants. It was already a year after the death of my father. Aunt Alice had always show me that love and care I lost a year ago. She said I'm her only surviving family since she lost her brother, my father. She never shared anything in common with any of her step siblings because of their wayward life and their beliefs as Muslims.

I dressed in a peach colour polo and a short jeans the moment I came out from the bathroom.I laid down horizontally on my bed feeling tired and hungry. A while after, I heard foot-steps coming closer to where I laid.I pretended I heard nothing and closed my eyelids. I was not ready to leave my bed or run errands that evening and my state of health was not good enogh for the stress. I laid so flat on my bed like a lifeless being and didn't move any part of my body.
"Teddy?". I heard a masculine voice calling. I turned immediately as I recognised the voice and wore a smirk on my face. It was Maxwell my elder cousin. He was so fond of me and we shared deep and little secrets together though he possessed alot of irritating habits. One of it was dashing into my room without a knock.
"How may I help you Max?". I asked furiously.I stood up from the bed and leaned on my table where my deodorant and other body accessories were kept.
' What's the matter with you Teddy?'. He asked smiling when he noticed my facial expressions. I looked at him angrily accessing him with my dull eyes without saying a word.He closed the door behind him and walked in gently.
" Where have you kept your manners?"
 ' oh that?! I'm sorry but you should be used to that by now '. He responded.
' oh! Spare me that Max. You are wrong and I can't be used to what I am not
Comfortable with. Understand that'. He gazed at me for a while and silent went round the room. I threw my eyes into empty spaces avoiding he's eyes from emerging with mine.
"You got your own flaws , remember?" He finally broke the silence.
"Whatever!!" . I exclaimed in anger.He sat on my bed and played a little while with one of my teddy bear which was just on top Of my pillow. I shook my head in annoyance as I began to fold the clothes on my bed.I took them to the wardrobe  and place each and every one of them in their rightful place.
"Did you meet Chief? " He asked just the moment I sat on my chair. I pretended not to hear him speak and got busy with my Cellphone. I wore a frown on my face just as he repeated the question in a lower tone. I shook my head still frowning and didn't want to say anything or ask further question.
' I was asked to call you about five minutes ago. He should be in he's bedroom now'. He added. I became anxious and restless , I never liked it whenever my Aunt's husband sent for me. He was fond of sending me irrelevant errands and always ordering me to clean up his bedroom or study hall.
 " What does he really want this time?". I asked anxiously. Maxwell raised an eyebrow shaking his head. " I don't know.Maybe he wants you to tidy up he's room or study as usual"......
' And you think so?'. I cut in worriedly. He sat erect staring at me. He poured out a short breathe looking perplexed. 'Now tell me , is there something I don't really know about?'. He asked curiously.I staggered as I stood up and took a baby step away from him. I felt too weighty and uneasy ,I could not look into he's eyes as usual whenever I wanted talking to him. He nodded his head as his mind sank gradually into weird thoughts.
"Ehm!..." I paused and swallowed hard.
'Not at all Max. Excuse me'. I walked out immediately without turning back , leaving
Max in deep thoughts.

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* What makes you think that A'Isha is more comfortable in her Aunt's home?.
*What do you think is the core suspect between Chief and A'Isha?.
*A'Isha and Maxwell shares "deep and little secret together". Do you believe or doubt that?.