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INIGIBO OMONI, Is a Nigeria gospel Artiste with an amazing approach in the gospel industry, she has made records of progress as concerned her ministry and has impacted lives positively with her most creative sound,  vocals and inspiring  lyrics.
 Nigeria Gospel Female Artiste " INIGIBO OMONI" was  born on the 2nd April 1981 in Port Harcourt Rivers State. and she hails from Abonnema in Akuku Trou local government area York city.

Phenomenal, INIGIBO OMONI studied Banking and Finance in University Of Science And Technology.

 Sequel to her most commitment in the Gospel music circle, she released her debut album in the year 2018.this she titled "  Jesus you are the mighty one." 

Early This year she began working on a huge project, that's the release of  her new Single titled " You No Dey Fail  " 

Get Ready To Download, Play And Share
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Unveiling An Amazing Brand - STEVE PROSPER

Overtime, we've had great records of progress and hardwork. Putting in hardwork on projects and cooking out lyrical contents.

  Steve Prosper is well known to be a reputable Musician, Artiste, Vocalist, Songwriter and Lots more as concerned the Art.  

But his Most undiluted dexterity as concerned the Gospel music Industry,  is what marvels his fans and followers..


  Popular,  Steve Prosper was formally introduced into the spotlight shortly after the release of his most trending single " Worship Him" which he featured a big face in the industry well known As Ema onyx crooner of " Use Me Play"  a song that once had a season and is still trending.

Look out for more of Steve Prosper on his soon coming edition.
Download -  Worship Him By Steve Prosper.

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BREAKING NEWS: Club House Finally Sets Up "BLACKLIST" For Fraudsters And Miscreants

Finally the fight against fraudsters and miscreants who leverage on the social platform to commit all *forms of crime* might be coming to an end soonest as a "BLACKLIST" online trends has just been activated to address this long pending inappropriate behaviours of some moderators or club members on its platform who fraudulently channel funds for their personal use and act in the manner that kicks against the rules guiding the community.

Clubs rooms and individuals have over time called out some of these behaviors that tends to dent the image of a certain group of people or country.

Measures have henceforth *been* made open to members and club rooms who deliberately open rooms to extort people of their hard earned money to be flagged on most social media sites and blogs, arrested, accounts taken down or even charged to court by the victim, if found *guilty* of such acts.

The "BLACK LIST" initiatives is to help build a healthy environment and a fraud free community where the club house will be seen as a platform to connect, meet friends and have great personal relationships with individuals of like minds.


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HOUSE OF INTELLECTS Is Set To Give Out 10Million Naira to Her Winner

House Of Intellects, first had her noble Pre-season to birth the Outstanding " HOUSE SHOW" this is to simply identify the Longevity of the Brand.

Overtime, House Of Intellects has been existence still doing the offline Production and  setting up a very good Standard.

House Of Intellects, has come to stay without any means of complication, rather building an Extra-outstanding brand and setting platforms of Promotion to brands, Personalities and etc has been the Vision..

Sequel, To our ongoing Payment in regards to The House Of Intellects ( SHOW)   one of the most Over-rated and talked about Show Events happening soon. 

We have decided to put you all on the light path, to Guide you all through the entire  process of Registrations and how to Register. 


STEP1 :  Make a Cash Payment Via Transfer Or Use our Online  Payment  Method To Pay With Your ATM Card. Kindly note that All Access To Your account is Limited and cannot be Tampered.

STEP 2: You Can Also Make Payment  Via Our Company Details below - 

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 8547664018

NOTE: Kindly confirm the account name shown to you before making payment.

To Confirm Your Registration Kindly Send In Your Payment Verification & Proof  Via Our Official Mail.


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BREAKING NEWS : Popular Nigeria Artiste " Iniubong Nathaniel " Finally finds his missing Ribs.

Lately, One of the most popular and well known South Gospel Artiste with the name " Iniubong Nathaniel " flaunted his Pre - Wedding photo shoot after a brief prank made by him on few day before This Particular post was made.
Just like every other day he made a post concerning marriage and there was no trace of prediction to this Good-news.

Popular Iniubong Nathaniel Well known for his most trending single " Ono Mkpo Inam" Originates from Afaha Etok in Ibesikpo  Local Government. and went on journey search for the Love of His Life 
" Victoria Edem " who hails from Ekpene Ibia in Uruan L.G.A, All in Akwa Ibom State.

Popular Iniubong Nathaniel has contributed immensely to the growth of the kingdom Of God by supporting they needy and everyone who needs and rally around him for help, he also known to be a man of the people and one who literally understands the language of Love and its essence as a Christians..

Sequel, to his Music life he has release many Gospel hit single and has been featured on several Huge gospel Concerts and Music Boards, all in addition to this creative impacts.

Get Most Of His Song By Clicking - BELOW

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Samuel Chiemerie Joshua well known as  Samiguy is a gospel artist and song writer from Enugu state Nigeria. 
Just after his last single that trend massively " Christ the King" he's now out with a hit song title
 " Joy giver"  which expresses God's overwhelming joy and love..

" Joy giver " is an inspiring single that expresses the Joy Of God's Love  


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 Sweeden Based Gospel Artiste " Ruth Love is set to drop a New Single ft Progress Effiong 

Sweden based, Cameroon born Gospel Artiste with a high level of creativity in spirituality, is now out with an official Video covering the already released gospel single “ Covenant Keeping God” which she featured a renounced Gospel Star “ Progress Effiong “ .

Often times, we ponder on the never failing love of God, and this brings us more closer to God as we remember his Covenant.
The well produced and lyrical souled music had made, and is still making wonderful impact to her listeners...

Watch - Covenant Keeping God.
IBOM TV Provides The Latest News In Areas Of Celebrity Gist, Gossip and Rumours, Entertainment News, Nigeria Politics and international politics.

 Prophet Mfon Tommy" Speaks against the Caption " Miracle Money"

Prophet Mfon Tommy" Speaks against the Caption " Miracle Money"

Nigeria based prophet, From the southern part of Nigeria, And The Founder " Peace Ark Ministry" Located in Akwa Ibom State, Uyo.
    Few months ago, it was clearly noted that the  renounced prophet Mfon Tommy, who has been an esteem follower of the footprint of The Late Prophet  ' Temitope Balogun' ( T. b. Joshua) .. made a social media post that literally went viral by the aids of the News men, Web publishers etc..
    He actually spoke and wrote on controversies surrounding The Late Prophet Tb Joshua's Death..

     Today, we've gathered another interesting but highly antagonistic post still involving Prophets who speaks and preach, involving The caption " Miracle Money " with no  directions to avoid conflicts.. 

 Now the point is this:

If God would make money appears in people's account, then he is partial and apparently He does not  love all of us. Because we understand what the bible says in 2Thess 3:10.
We could remember one most pleasurable event that took place in the bible as of old,  Jesus multiplied the wine he made from water... 
the disciples worked by fetching water and bringing in jars, also Elijah help the shunnamite woman 1kings 4:3...she needed to work for that to happen,In all these , you can't trace where the wine and oil came from respectively..
    But while considering the context of the so called "Miracle Money" you can definitely trace To the source of The money in Person. 
So does it means that God steals peoples money and deprived them of their sweat without their consent and  made ( make) a miracle out of it?
Or does it mean, that we dont need to work anymore, just go to church and pray for money in our account? 
 Ok you would say the coin in the mouth of the fish in the book of Matt 17:24 - 27?
 Jesus wouldn't have the need to tell peter go to the sea,
 He would have said check your pocket and you will find money ( Miracle Money)

Rather he said go and work as a Fisher man, peter needed to work to get the fish and get the coin ...

 Jesus have not comm
anded us to be lazy, 
 Even Paul was working while preaching...2cor 3:8,
 Act 18:1-3,
Act 20:33-35,
Phillp 4:14-16,
 These will tell you that we ought to work.
 The bible is our standard, anything outside that is a lie and there's no atom of truth embedded in it.
 " I speak as a prohpet, let he that have hear let him hear " 
 Follow Prophet Mfon Tommy on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Now..
  Get update with his most Interesting Video on Youtube with the name

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 UPDATE: This August Break Conference Is Your Day Break Says Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin [Watch Video]

This August Break conference is your day break says Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin [Watch Video]

It has quickly become the talk of town as the popular Billionaire Prophet and founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has said Nigerians must find ways to ends limitations by taking advantage of ‘August Break.’

‘August Break,’ which is the title of a yearly programme billed to commence at the church from 12th to 15th of August would according to him unravel the reasons behind August break, especially by breaking limitations to people’s success in life.

Fufeyin, noted that the programme would address age long challenges and launch people into a future that God has destined for them in marriage, career and every aspect of life.
Decrying poverty in the country, Fufeyin noted that there are spiritual implications to the events in people’s life, stressing further that forces behind stagnation and delay would be broken for people to break even.

He said continuous procrastination destined by the enemy if not dealt could create stagnation and deprive people of their success.

Hope you take part of this much talked about August Break Programme with the Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin himself.

God Bless MercyTV
God Bless Nigeria and God Bless You.
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Viral News: Prophet " Mfon Tommy" Strongly Against The Controversies Involving Prophet Tb Joshua | Peace Ark Ministries 

Prophet Mfon Tommy Strongly Against The Controversies Involving Prophet Tb Joshua | Peace Ark Ministries 

 South based Prophet " Mfon Tommy " with the mandate to  release those who are in bondage, through deliverance and revealing the secret of the devil over people's life through prophecies.

  Prophet Mfon Tommy who has for long been a good follower, and observer of every principle and teachings of the gone " Temitope Balogun Emmanuel" TB Joshua". lately, has been pained over controversial issues which arose long before the death and even after the death of TB Joshua.
  The most ugly part of this scenario is that "Pastors, Prophet, Evangelist, bishops, and lots more are involved in this dramatic controversy...

It's well recalled that when Dare, one of the sons of Pastor Adeboye died, T. B Joshua was one of the first Pastors to send his condolences and went on to observe a minute silence for the 43-year-old pastor during his church service.

Joshua had in a message of condolence to Pastor Adeboye and the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG), said the sad event would not had happened if God did not permit it, adding that He needed no human’s approval to His will.


I have been, ( Mfon Tommy) to Tb Joshua Programs and I have seen with my eyes the good works he has done, then how much more God. an epitome love (Tb Joshua) has sponsored many student even those he don't know physically, he has made shelter in sufficiency for the homeless individuals, and most of all was once encounter I had with a Muslim who was in-charge of the AC repairs in the Camp..

 Obviously many Muslim who has never attended [SCOAN] Not for a day take shelter in the Camp, I mean conveniently without fear of harm...

Watch Now   This is one part of Love many Christians and so called Prophet GO's would never exhibit instead go on bias, Prophet Tb Joshua believe that we don't just show love to our like minded individuals, same religion etc. yet Gods love implies that you extend your Arms of Goodwill to many who are in need, known and unknown.



Countless times issues of this same nature has been displayed publicly, via criticism ' who's Tb Joshua Spiritual Father' 'does he have any' and lots more, but the point here is " Tb Joshua has never for once condemned the philosophy or belief in having a Spiritual father, but he is not individually a party to that Part of submission.

 Just before his death, he explains and believe that we are all followers of Jesus Christ and as such our ministerial companion should not spiritual father's, mentors etc so therefore he served a God that is responsible for keeping to his responsibility as a father.

Apparently, Many believers have lost their way into wrong doctrines, Beliefs, and lots more all negative. This is because of the initial exposure to this fallacy behind God fatherism....

As my conclusion ( Mfon Tommy) I'll love to be so antagonistic and so direct without Bias " I Prophet Mfon Tommy was once a member of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God and I served there, that's not actually my focus. my concern here is I have never been anointed, Ordained to be a pastor except by God.

This was the eye opening truth I  got from Prophet Tb Joshua, Using a clear context of Prophet Jerimiah in the bible " Before you were born I ordained you ........ this complicated controversy of Ordination is what I cant fathom..

He That Thinketh he stand let him take heed less he falls....

more opening would be found on My Social Media Channel soon follow for Update - Follow on Instagram  Facebook Youtube

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 Music Update: Popular Gospel Artiste Announces New Release " Epsalmist" - " Scam" 

Legendary Gospel Artiste and lots more Creativity added to his profile, with the name @Epsalmist Ukpe a well known Crooner of one most trending single in the south " Do Me".
South based "Epsalmist" is an inspiring and soulful music composer with an intense passion for Music, recently announced the release in Anticipation of his newest single, this sound would Be expressed like a debut, yea!!!!!!!!!
"SCAM" is the titled and it's set to bless your life, all lyrics in this song is deeply explicit and illusion-free..
It's been seen as a self- expressed and inspired single by the factor of Probably a discovery by the Songwriter " Epsalmist"..
It's out-fully different in the gospel circle, to initiate such a title yet creativity in Spirituality has made this done....
In ernest Kindly Anticipate " Scam" By "Epsalmist" well flavoured and seasoned by Saviour Tom (prod)

IBOM TV Provides The Latest News In Areas Of Celebrity Gist, Gossip and Rumours, Entertainment News, Nigeria Politics and international politics.

 UPDATES: Henshaw Imeh Nigeria Popular Producer Reveals the Story of His Arrest by the EFCC while we await an Official Press Release..


My name is Imeh, Henshaw Nyong and till this day I have never in my life involved myself in any form of fraudulent activity, ever!

I'm an Indigene Oruk Anam local government, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. I grew up with parents that instilled strict Godly principles in me which I’ve lived by till this day. Growing up I spent a lot of time in church and used to enjoy church music a lot so I learnt how to play the Keyboard and I’ve been doing that in church for over 13 years. Now I am currently a Music Producer and a Professional Auxiliary Keyboardist which has been my profession for over five years. I currently work with M-EL Productions and Morrok Studios where I ply my trade. Over the years I’ve produced a lot of songs and song covers for multiple artistes including Life story by Emizzy, Be still by Sarah, Mighty God by Vickeyz, and a lot of these songs can be found on digital platforms. Some of these jobs can also be found on my social media pages; 
FACEBOOK - @Henshaw Imeh 
INSTAGRAM - @shawtunez
TWITTER - @Shawtunez
YOUTUBE - @Shaw Tunez.
Also, I am currently a 300L student of the University of Uyo studying Philosophy and I also run part time body therapy, as a masseur.

On the evening of the 15th of April 2021 which was a Thursday, I received an emergency job, to produce a song for a female artiste whom is also my friend, but during that period my generator was faulty and also there was no power supply in the area. Therefore, due to the urgency of the job and also me seeing this as an opportunity to solve my numerous pressing financial needs in school and at home, I resolved to take the artiste with me to my friend’s house who is also my church member because he had constant power supply, also I had no money to book a studio session so this was the only option. We got there that evening; I worked with the artiste all night and later read my school books and did my assignments because I was supposed to have a test in the morning. Then suddenly at the early hours of the morning at about 6am, while I was finishing up my school assignment, I heard knocks and bangs on the protector door which startled me and everyone else in the house, the hitting and banging got louder and fiercer as the people outside began shouting at us to open the door, we got too scared to open it because we were uncertain of who was there, the next thing was that they shot tear gas into the house and we were so terrified we didn’t know what to do, we were choking and I couldn’t see clearly. They finally broke into the house, dragged us outside, brought out our phones, laptops and other gadgets and started to take record of everything as they seized them, that’s when I realised they were EFCC Officers. Then they began to question us there and my client and I told them who we were and what we came to do. We even showed them videos we made from our recording session that night and after series of questions and cross examinations, they let my client go and said that they were going to take me with them just because I had two laptops and my hair was locked. So they took us, me and three of my church members (including the house owner) who were also in the house that night into their van and we headed for their station but before we got there they stopped at another location and arrested another guy named Chimaobi, he owned a black Lexus car. 

When we got to the station they sat us on the floor and few minutes later an officer with a camera came and said he was going to take pictures of us with the placards. There and then, out of shock I asked one of the officers why we were taking pictures with criminal tags when we had not been properly interrogated yet, my questions fell on deaf ears as they told me not to teach them their job. They brought out a form and asked us to fill it, the form included a space for our profession, so I wrote what I did, Music Production. Then they filled the boards with our information, added criminal tags to them and forced us to take pictures, I had no idea they had posted those pictures on social media that day. After the pictures, they started interrogation which was appalling to me because I believed it was supposed to be the other way round. They interrogated us and later sent us to different cells because according to them their forensics unit had not brought the tools and gadgets needed to search our devices so their investigation wasn’t complete even though my bank statement was printed that day and they saw that it was devoid of any fraudulent suspicion. 

During my stay in the cell, I was provided with food and water, a bed and a television set, but I could hardly eat nor sleep because I had lost all my appetite in despair. I had never been arrested before, I had never slept in a cell before, I was devastated. As the days passed by it became more and more burdensome to my mental health. I kept thinking of the pending jobs I’d missed, classes and tests I didn’t attend, my family and friends that couldn’t reach me and my life. The interrogation continued every day, I was asked to write a statement which I wrote honestly, and they kept pressurizing me with questions concerning fraud, telling me it’ll become more difficult for me if I don’t corporate with them. Maybe their plan was for me to give in to being a Fraudster with the daily intimidation but I stood my ground, I kept telling them that I was a Nigerian student who plays the keyboard and produces songs for music artiste to survive. I make money from my passion for music, I am neither a cyber criminal nor a fraudster. 

They allowed us have visitors but I couldn’t reach out to my parents, my mom got to find out about my arrest on Saturday and she came to see me and we spoke for a very little time. I asked her to return on Monday because I believed by then they’ll be done with the whole investigation by then. Spending Sunday morning in the four walls of a cell was really tough for me, my inability to be in church really took a toll on me, I was always an important part of service in my church because I coordinated the choir and praise team and was also the church keyboardist so I knew I’d created a vacuum that day. I slept all day and prayed they day will go by quickly but it hardly did. 

On Monday morning, I was really anxious to leave so I woke up really early, my IO (Investigative Officer) came to my cell and spoke with me, asked some questions which I answered sincerely, but my hope derailed as I wasn’t able to leave that day. I spent the rest of the day in frustration until Tuesday morning; my mom came to the station alongside my uncle and a legal team. They met with my Investigative officer for my release because the EFCC had concluded their investigation on me and my gadgets and had found out that I am not guilty of any of the allegations. My family and legal team got a surety to meet the requirements for my bail as they couldn’t provide the required documents as at the time due to the on-going judicial protest and court strike, at the end of the day an agreement was made. The next day Wednesday, my required surety arrived with my family and legal team, we signed some papers and cleared my documentation then I was finally allowed to leave on bail. As I left, one really heart-breaking moment for me was when the officers kept hammering on the fact that my hair incriminated me, I wonder how law enforcement officials would keep stereotype and tag an individual to be a criminal because of their hairdo. 

It’s been really difficult for me to settle in as I’m free man now; this event has negatively affected my whole life a lot. First, I lost a lot of jobs and I also had to make refunds to clients who had paid for my services and I didn't meet up because I was unjustly locked up. I missed classes, tests and assignments in school. Then also came the ‘fraudster’ tag, I started to face stigmatization in my environment, in school, even in some churches, I still receive weird looks almost everywhere I go. My total image has been dented, some of my new clients don’t trust me, and some people don’t want to associate their businesses with my name, some of my close friends and colleagues have disassociated themselves from me indirectly... Although Majority have been supportive and encouraging God bless them.

I tell this story because I pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else someday, I hope law enforcement officials will do better in serving justice to confirmed criminals with due process and validation. Wrong accusations causes serious destruction to an innocent person’s life.

I apologise to every client whose job I couldn’t deliver, for the events I couldn’t attend and play in, and to everyone who I must’ve failed during this period, I’m deeply sorry. I want to thank everyone who has supported and stood by me throughout this period, I saw the numerous comments on the EFCC page and I felt uplifted. I’m grateful for the calls and messages, I’ll respond to them as soon as I can.

Thank you!
PS: On the card I'm holding in the picture, please forgive the typographical error from the G-designer's end. It's Fraudster, not Fruadster.
Thank You!★

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Pastor Adeboye’s 42 year old son, Pastor Dare Adeboye has died, he died in his sleep on Wednesday in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was based with his family.

Pastor Adeboye lost first son?

According to The PUNCH, Pastor Dare Adeboye, the son of Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide, is dead.

It was gathered that the 42-year-old, who is the third son of the revered cleric, died in his sleep on Wednesday in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was based with his family.

Pastor Adeboye's son dies at 42? 

The PUNCH gathered from reliable sources in the church that the deceased, who was the Assistant Pastor in charge of Region (Youth) 35, had ministered the previous day.

He was said to have retired to his bed and did not wake up.

See what happened to pastor Adeboye's son.

His wife, Temiloluwa, was said to have raised the alarm.

“He was not sick and did not complain of anything before the incident. Pastors in the church were summoned to pray for him, all to no avail,” a source added.

Several leaders of the church, who confirmed the incident, said they could not comment on it.

The Head of Media and Public Relations, RCCG, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi, however, confirmed the tragedy on Thursday morning.

He said, “It is true. The incident happened in Eket where he was based. I don’t have the details for now. Maybe before the end of today, we will issue a statement.”

Dare would have been 43 years old next month, June.

Last year, on his 42nd birth, his dad, Adeboye on a social media post described him as his first miracle child.

He wrote on his Facebook page, “Our first miracle child. We pray that God will keep his miraculous working power in your life and all those who needs a miracle today, will use you as a point of contact for their own in JESUS name. (Amen) love from Dad, Mom and the whole Adeboye dynasty.”

Dare was happily married with children.