Prophet Mfon Tommy" Speaks against the Caption " Miracle Money"

 Prophet Mfon Tommy" Speaks against the Caption " Miracle Money"

Prophet Mfon Tommy" Speaks against the Caption " Miracle Money"

Nigeria based prophet, From the southern part of Nigeria, And The Founder " Peace Ark Ministry" Located in Akwa Ibom State, Uyo.
    Few months ago, it was clearly noted that the  renounced prophet Mfon Tommy, who has been an esteem follower of the footprint of The Late Prophet  ' Temitope Balogun' ( T. b. Joshua) .. made a social media post that literally went viral by the aids of the News men, Web publishers etc..
    He actually spoke and wrote on controversies surrounding The Late Prophet Tb Joshua's Death..

     Today, we've gathered another interesting but highly antagonistic post still involving Prophets who speaks and preach, involving The caption " Miracle Money " with no  directions to avoid conflicts.. 

 Now the point is this:

If God would make money appears in people's account, then he is partial and apparently He does not  love all of us. Because we understand what the bible says in 2Thess 3:10.
We could remember one most pleasurable event that took place in the bible as of old,  Jesus multiplied the wine he made from water... 
the disciples worked by fetching water and bringing in jars, also Elijah help the shunnamite woman 1kings 4:3...she needed to work for that to happen,In all these , you can't trace where the wine and oil came from respectively..
    But while considering the context of the so called "Miracle Money" you can definitely trace To the source of The money in Person. 
So does it means that God steals peoples money and deprived them of their sweat without their consent and  made ( make) a miracle out of it?
Or does it mean, that we dont need to work anymore, just go to church and pray for money in our account? 
 Ok you would say the coin in the mouth of the fish in the book of Matt 17:24 - 27?
 Jesus wouldn't have the need to tell peter go to the sea,
 He would have said check your pocket and you will find money ( Miracle Money)

Rather he said go and work as a Fisher man, peter needed to work to get the fish and get the coin ...

 Jesus have not comm
anded us to be lazy, 
 Even Paul was working while preaching...2cor 3:8,
 Act 18:1-3,
Act 20:33-35,
Phillp 4:14-16,
 These will tell you that we ought to work.
 The bible is our standard, anything outside that is a lie and there's no atom of truth embedded in it.
 " I speak as a prohpet, let he that have hear let him hear " 
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