Nigerian Man Returns N2.5m mistakenly sent to his account.

Nigerian Man Returns N2.5m mistakenly sent to his account.

A Facebook User, Julius Eze has returned a money which was mistakenly sent to his account on 11th June 2021.

"N2.5m was mistakenly transferred to my account 🥰😁", he said in his first post.
In another post he made, he shared the screenshot of the alert he received on different days and as well promised to return the money to the rightful owner, "Alert received on Friday night 500k✅
Saturday morning 1m✅ and another 1m✅.

Totaling 2.5m as you can see on the screenshot 😁. Tomorrow morning I will be transferring the 2.5m to the rightful owner.

Deposit slip will be posted here as early as tomorrow morning", his post states.

Julius later went to the bank to know whom the money came from, contacted the person and sent back the back,

"I dey bank!

It's not my money
Late Friday evening and early Saturday morning, I received alert totaling N2.5m into my access account, few hours later I was able to trace the owner.

Contacted him and asked him for his details so I can pay in the money today, after due questions and investigations which confirmed the money belonged to him.

I will update you with alert screenshot when the money is pulled out!

Thanks for staying with me!", Says his third post.
Has he did promised, he shared screenshots of the debit alerts after he transferred back the money to the owner.

His last post states; " As at 01:05pm!

Transition done ✅✅.

I feel emotional right now 😭.

There are decisions you take that attract extra measure!

It takes faithfulness and integrity to do this. I'm super proud of myself and the family I came from!

Good name is better than ill gotten wealth.

You decides what to do but you don't decide the consequences!

Be you!!!" 

We still have good people in Nigeria!

May God bless him 

See Photos/ Screenshots below;