Job interviews in Nigeria part 1

Job interviews in Nigeria part 1

As a graduate with no job, you would want to look your best so you can get the job, you wake up early,wear the best of the best, sometimes you won't even want to eat so nothing disturbs you. You pick your certificate and head out as usual hoping for the best..

Now you get to the office where your interview is going to hold and you see alot of applicants,you start praying and sweating a little bit. Interview is about to start,the interviewers are sitting across the table uptight,no smiles on their faces, with the fear and that small faith,you sit down and leave the rest to God.

The interviewers starts asking series of questions including how your ancestors became ancestors 😒,after that you do series of test,things that you can't remember and you might not use if you eventually get the job.

Let's move to the heartbreaking part,after all the things the put you through,it's now time to tell you how much they can pay,you start hearing 20,000 naira,haaaa this people no dey fear God sha o,after all the confidence,you had it in mind all along to pay just 20k? Truly truly this life no balance o😂😂😂😂.