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 - A young Nigerian, Praise Kelechi, has created an Iron Man suit with cutouts from cartons

- Kelechi said his future plan is to travel abroad and study robotics to better his craft

- According to the boy's mother, Patience, parents must cultivate the habit of encouraging their kids' skills


A 14-year-old Nigerian boy, Praise Kelechi, has shown off his improvisational skill of using cartons to create robots and other superhero costumes.

In an interview with BBC, the boy, while, displaying the Iron Man suit replica he made, said he was working on it before the lockdown but had more time to perfect it as school was on a forced holiday.

He wore the suit like the popular Tony Stark character would do. The creative SS1 student said due to the lack of glue, he always melts styrofoam with fuel to produce his own adhesive.

The young Nigerian added that his hope is to one day gain a scholarship to study robotics abroad. In mentioning his sources of inspiration, he said he was influenced by the Iron Man movie and Adam Savage.

He gave this piece of advice:

    “I want to tell the world that no matter how rich or poor you may be, you can still be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want. It does not matter the resources available or not, you can just be who you are.”

His mother, Patience Onuoha, said her son has had the knack to create things from papers since when he was seven.

She advised parents to encourage the crafts of their wards, adding that times have really changed from when the popular ways to succeed were being a doctor or lawyer.

Kelechi also showed the Thor hammer he made. He said he is working on a real rocket launcher for his future project.

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Realistic Robotic Animals That will Blow Your Mind

Robots are one of the fascinating inventions of the 21st Century. Today, we use these inventions in almost every field now. But, did you ever imagine they will infiltrate the wild too?
You will be surprised to know that Robotic Animals are the new focus of Engineers. Scientists are keen to learn the animal mechanisms of locomotion, flight, and swimming. Recent robot creatures tell us that scientists are successful in not only learning but also implementing these mechanisms. WildCat Robots and BigDog Robots are the big examples in front of us. But there are other animal robots you should know. Read the article and tell us which artificial animal is your favourite

Popular Robotic Animals:

Whether you talk about the WildCat Robots or the BigDog Robots, Human ingenuity has no boundaries. Only a man genius knows how to mold a machine that looks so real. So much that it is hard to differentiate an artificial animal from the natural one.
Don’t you believe me? So, find it yourself. Here are the eight most realistic Robotic Animals d the reason for their creation.

WildCat Robots:

WildCat Robots are from Boston Dynamics. These Robotic animals are designed for military purposes. They run at a speed of 16 mph, crossing you like a light. These four-legged robot creatures are fast and stable. Also, they look more fierce than a cat from the wild.
However, it is not clear how WildCat Robots will be used. Keeping in mind the high speed, it is suggested that the robot will supply arms to the front line. Some say it will be used as a suicide robot, exploding in the enemy’s territory.

BigDog Robots:

Another incredible invention by the Boston Dynamics are the BigDog Robots. These are four-legged, walking, and running robots that look no less than animals. In the military, these robots carry heavy gear and weapons.
The first version of BigDog Robots came in 2005. Since then, many models of this artificial animal have been created. The later versions showed improved stability in military operations

MIT Cheetah:

The flexible joints and strong limbs make MIT’s Cheetah as swift as any wild cheetah. It can run and examine the disaster zones. Also, quick movements make it ideal for rescue equipment.
MIT has also come out with a mini version of its robotic Cheetah. The baby cheetah is light, springy, and can do a back-flip. It can bend its legs wide and can trot over an uneven area while restoring its balance. You will be amazed to see how it climbs the staircase with double the speed of a running human.


Not all robot creatures are invented for military purposes. Some of them, like Robird, terrify other birds.
Scientists studied the prey and predator relationship in birds. They came to know that birds of prey are territorial. Other birds stay away from a fierce-looking bird controlling a territory. Traditionally, trained birds were used over farms and airports to keep the site clean. But now, Robird saves the training and cost of feeding. This artificial animal flies like a raptor and looks fierce. Just like a real bird, it works well to scare flocks and keep them out of the site.


Eelume is an artificial animal that mimics the underwater mechanisms of eels. It is a robot designed to discover life underwater.
Life at ocean bottom is vast and full of wonders. But it is tough to get there. The sea creatures and the ocean currents make it challenging for divers to reach the ocean bed. Even more challenging is to come back alive.
The earlier version of Eelume worked just like an eel. But, The latest version has more thrusters to add greater maneuverability.

Robo Terp:

If you want a pet that always stays with you, get yourselves, Robo Terp. The inspiration for this robot came from turtles. It can survive on land as well as in water.
The terrapin can swim against the currents using the 3 DoF joints. The rotational shoulder joints allow the robot to change from swimming to walking mode. The transition to a different mode does not affect the efficiency of the Robo Terp.
Amphibious robotic animals like Robo Terp will be useful in search and recovery tasks.

Cockroach Robots:

We know Cockroaches have amazing speed and the ability to squeeze into cracks. They can even disappear into holes, which are smaller than their size. Scientists researched how they are able to do that.
Studies also led to the idea of developing Cockroach as a search and rescue animal. Therefore, CRAM (a compressible robot with an articulated mechanism) was created on this idea. These are palm-sized robots with exoskeletons and softshells. These robot creatures would run through confined spaces to locate survivors. Although, You might freak seeing them as they look so real. But, they are there for your safety.


It is a four-legged animal-like robot that looks very creepy. SpotMini is the quietest robot ever. It can silently enter where large robots cant. It has an arm at the position of the head. This arm enables SpotMini to do various tasks like open the doors.
Spotmini has a battery along with front, rear, and side cameras. It navigates and scrolls with the help of these cameras. The purpose of building SpotMini was to create a Robot that can access to office buildings and houses. The robot can help with house chores and office work.
You now know that robots can be as real as animals. You also know how humans have used animal mechanisms for their purpose. Wouldn’t it be incredible to use these machines for work? Or to trick someone into thinking these are real animals.
Engineers are designing new Robotic Animals at a fast pace. It would not be crazy to say that soon robots will replace humans in battlefields and workplaces.


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3 Reasons To Own A Spark 5

TECNO’s Spark 5 Air is the rage right now and why won’t it be? TECNO definitely went all out on this installment of the Spark series; the phone is a mobile innovation hub. TECNO ensured that Spark 5 came with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to save more beautiful memories and have a faultless and hassle-free experience no matter how many apps you have running at a time. Spark 5 also has a whopping 5000Mah battery to carry you through hours of entertainment be it movies or games. But guess what? These aren’t even the top of Spark 5’s features. You are wondering what could beat these, right? Well come with me.

3 Reasons To Own A Spark 5

  1. Fantastic Photography Features
Here is the X Factor for this phone. Spark 5 exceeds every mobile camera expectation. To start with, the phone comes with not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 cameras! As if that isn’t unbelievable as it is, the phone also has 6 flashlights! Without even going any further, Spark 5 is obviously a mobile photography lover’s dream come through. With the 5 cameras, you have so many angles to shoot from. With the flashlights, you’ll have clearer, brighter and more charming pictures with bursting colours no matter how dark the environment is. Say hi to fashion magazine worthy pictures! The camera also has Macro mode that enlarges even the smallest details. What’s not to love here guys?
  1. Spark 5 Comes at A Sweet Price Point
So, this is Nigeria, it is a great country but, right now, as you well know, economy isn’t so good. The hustle is real guys; you want a phone that is efficient, sleek and durable, but you have to settle for less because the phones that have what you want are over-priced. But hey! Fret no more. TECNO has come to the rescue! The Spark 5 smartphones are efficient, sleek, durable all at a chocolatie-finger-licking price of ?49,000. Unbelievable right? Yes, we know. TECNO is amazing like that.
3 Reasons To Own A Spark 5
  1. Sleek Design and Dark Mode
Spark 5 has a design that breaks every smartphone design table. The phone comes in Holiday blue, Burnt Orange and Ice emerald. These colours alone set the phone in a class of its own. At 164.7*76.3*8.75mm, Spark 5 is very slim and slick and would perfectly fit in the palms of your hand. And the 6.6 Dot in screen has super Immersive Display.
On all counts, TECNO Spark 5 is the perfect phone to own. It gives ‘Smooth’ a whole new meaning. To be a smooth operator yourself, you need a Spark 5 in your life.
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SPARK 5 MOBILE REVIEW: Five Cameras, More Angles

Africa’s Most Preferred Smartphone brand, TECNO, has just launched the Spark 5, which has the name suggests, is the fifth device under the brand’s Spark mobile line-up.
In TECNO’s usual way, Spark 5 comes with a lot of impressive upgrades when compared to its predecessors under the flagship.
Out of the box, the Spark 5 comes in two colour variations; the Holiday Blue, Star-Studded Orange colour variations, which allows for vivaciously interesting choices to pick from when in the market to buy the Spark 5 device.

The Spark 5’s screen is impressively massive and elegant. The device comes with a 6.6 Dot in screen with a super immersive display, an industry leading 90.2% perfect screen ratio and a screen resolution of 720*1600 HD that will totally transform users’ experience. Without a doubt, movie lovers, gamers and even vloggers will enjoy unhindered, unfettered fun in whatever form they choose.
 SPARK 5 MOBILE REVIEW: Five Cameras, More Angles

Here is the X Factor for TECNO Spark 5. For the first time on a Spark device, the Spark 5 spots a set of Quad AI Rear Cameras. The device is equipped with a 13-megapixel rear AI Quad camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. The device also features 6 flashlights with 4 situated around the back camera and a dual front flash that makes the device absolutely fearless of dark light, promising clearer, brighter and more charming pictures with bursting colours no matter how dark the environment is. Users can also enjoy close-up photography with a 4 cm macro photography mode that enables them to capture small and minute details. Additionally, the device includes AI HDR technology to increase dynamic range beyond what is captured by the camera's sensors, allowing users to take photos with a higher dynamic range, fewer noise and clearer details.
Summarily, with Spark 5’s newly upgraded algorithm AI Camera 3.0 and AI scene detection, photos taken by the device will be much more impressive and attractive under any scenario.


SPARK 5 MOBILE REVIEW: Five Cameras, More Angles

With Spark 5, you can literally forget about your power bank. The Spark 5 Series packs a punch with a powerful 5,000 mAh battery, so that consumers can run powerful applications and multiple tabs without the need to constantly recharge. The high-performance device that runs on HIOS 6.0 allows for a wide range of user customization without requiring rooting the mobile device. The operating system is also bundled with utility applications that allow users to free up memory, freeze applications and limit data accessibility to applications. With the device’s dark mode, the phone also gives users more battery time and decreased blue light emission, reducing eye strain.
Other features on the Spark 5 include Bluetooth 5.0 which makes connecting one device to another easier and transferring files faster, and 4G LTE capacity for smooth high-speed browsing.
In terms of storage capacity, the Spark 5 is available for sale in a sizeable 2GB ROM+ 32GB RAM and an expandable memory capacity of up to 128GB through an SD card.
Spark series targets trendy students who love fashion, but the phone has quickly risen to fame with young working professionals and middle-aged folks. “If the young ones can have it, why can’t we have it too”, they must have reasoned.
The Spark 5 comes in 2 variants; TECNO Spark 5 Air and TECNO Spark 5. Both variants feature TECNO’s HIOS 6.0 built on Android Q, and is available at a sweet price range of 47,000 Naira and 49,000 Naira respectively.
If you are expecting my verdict on the Spark 5, considering its sleek look and feel, camera, battery, high performance and price, I will rate

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Apple expands Apple Card’s interest-free financing to iPad, Mac, AirPods & more

Apple expands Apple Card’s interest-free financing to iPad, Mac, AirPods & more 

Last year, Apple introduced interest-free financing for new iPhone purchases when you pay with an Apple Card. Today, it’s expanding interest-free Apple Card monthly installments to a range of Apple products, including Mac and iPad, Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods, plus select accessories and related products. However, the financing options available will vary by product and device — and none offer a term as long as the 24-month interest-free option that’s offered for iPhone purchases made using Apple Card.

Instead, Apple says that Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods can be financed over six months with no interest.

Meanwhile, other products like Mac, iPad and related products and accessories can be paid for over 12 months without interest.

This latter group includes Mac and related products and accessories like the Pro Display XDR, Pro Stand, VESA Mount Adapter Kit for iMac Pro, Apple Afterburner Card and Leather Sleeves for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Meanwhile, in addition to the iPad, you can also finance iPad accessories like the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard for iPad and iPad Air, Smart Folios, and Covers for iPad Pro and iPad.

All Apple products purchased with Apple Card will also receive the 3% cash back in the form of Apple Card’s Daily Cash, as before. This cash can be used with Apple Pay, sent to family and friends via iMessage or put toward your Apple Card bill.

Apple had already offered interest-free financing for its iPhone through the iPhone Upgrade Program before its launch of Apple Card interest-free financing last year. But the earlier program required a 24-month installment loan from Citizens One and could still include other fees — like those on late payments, for example. Apple Card’s financing program for iPhone and now this wider range of Apple devices promises zero fees in addition to the interest-free financing and cash back, which ultimately makes it a better deal for customers.

The expansion also brings Apple closer to what some hope will be the company’s end goal: offering Apple devices and optional add-on services, like Apple Music or Apple TV+, as a packaged subscription. On that front, Apple has been said to be considering an Apple services bundle, with music, news and TV, but its music licensing deals may derail those plans and would make a full bundle of devices and services difficult to launch. In the meantime, being able to finance other Apple devices, interest-free, is a good first step.

Apple’s iPhone sales have largely held steady so far in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but the full economic impacts on Apple’s hardware business related to the crisis may have yet to be seen. The new interest-free financing offer is an acknowledgment that, for some customers, access to Apple’s devices may have gotten out of reach.

Bloomberg had previously reported on Apple’s plans to expand its monthly installment program.
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Facebook brings payments to WhatsApp, starting in Brazil

Facebook brings payments to WhatsApp, starting in Brazil

Facebook has brought payments to WhatsApp for the first time, starting in Brazil.

The new feature is powered by Facebook Pay, a unified payment service first introduced back in 2018. The company said at the time that it planned to enable the service across its suite of apps, including WhatsApp and Instagram. News emerged earlier this year that WhatsApp payments were going to launch first in India, after gaining approval from local regulators, but it has remained in private beta since then. The Brazil launch marks the first full country-wide launch for payments in WhatsApp and signals a new way for Facebook to monetize the messaging app, after having struggled to do so since acquiring it for around $19 billion back in 2014.

Facebook Pay is currently available in about 40 countries around the world, though it’s limited to the main Facebook app in most markets. The only exceptions to this are in the U.S., where it’s also available through Facebook’s Messenger app, and now Brazil, where it’s also available in WhatsApp. A WhatsApp spokesperson confirmed that the payments feature will arrive in more countries in the future, though they didn’t divulge when or where the rollout may head next.

From today, anyone in Brazil can use WhatsApp to buy goods from local businesses or send money to friends and family without leaving the app — with support for debit or credit cards. Support is initially limited to Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi on both the Mastercard and Visa payment networks.
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Samsung’s 5G A71 will be released in US starting on June 19th

Starting with T-Mobile and Sprint, with Verizon and others to follow

Samsung’s 5G A71 will be released in US starting on June 19th

Samsung’s Galaxy A71 5G, which sits at the top of its midrange A-series lineup, will launch in the US starting on June 19th, the company announced today. Initially, the handset will be available from T-Mobile, Sprint, and, but Samsung says that the phone will be coming to AT&T, Verizon, and other carriers later this summer along with an Unlocked by Samsung model.

Announced back in April with a price tag of $599.99, The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is the step-up model compared to the Galaxy A51 5G. (We reviewed the LTE version of the A51 last month.) The biggest difference between the A51 5G and the A71 5G is their main cameras, which is reassuring given the issues we had with the camera on the Galaxy A51 in our review. Both have a quad-camera array — including 12-megapixel ultrawide cameras, 5-megapixel depth cameras, and 5-megapixel macro cameras — but the A71’s main camera has a resolution of 64 megapixels, compared to the 48-megapixel sensor on the Galaxy A51.
"The A71 has a 64-megapixel main sensor"

The A71 also has a slightly bigger 6.7-inch hole-punch OLED display compared to the 6.5-inch screen on the A51, and it can be charged slightly faster at 25W compared to 15W for the A51 5G — although their batteries are both 4,500mAh.

In the US, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G will use a Snapdragon 765G processor, comes with 128GB of storage (expandable with up to 1TB via microSD), and has 6GB of RAM. Samsung says the Galaxy A71 will support sub-6GHz 5G with its initial launch on T-Mobile and Sprint, and it said that it will have more information about mmWave support later this summer when the device is scheduled to release on Verizon, AT&T, and as an unlocked model.

Correction: This post originally said that the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is powered by an Exynos 980 processor. It will actually be powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor in the US. We have updated our post to reflect this and regret the error.
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Infinix unveils the masterfully designed Note 7 in the first online smartphone launch with celebrities in Africa

Infinix unveils the masterfully designed Note 7 in the first online smartphone launch with celebrities in Africa 

Infinix Mobility, global premium smartphone brand unveiled the highly anticipated NOTE 7. A smartphone targeted at the mid-to-high-end market segment in Nigeria. This is coming after months of clamoring for another NOTE since the 6th iteration of the Infinix NOTE series hit the shelves in July 2019.

The Note 7 was unveiled through a first-of-its-kind, online mobile phone launch that brought in a fine mix of top Nigerian celebrities in the entertainment industry. Together at the launch with Infinix Mobility’s brand ambassador – Davido was popular TV presenter Nancy Isime; Nigerian actress - Ini Edo; musical whiz - Patoranking, the rib cracking comedian - MC Lively, and the popular tech vlogger - Fisayo Fosudo. These magical six brought a lot of humor and fun into what has turned out to be the best hours of an online smartphone launch in Africa.
The Infinix Note 7 comes with distinctively unique features in comparison with other devices within the same price range. Some of these unique features include; a 6.95”HD Infinity-O display, the biggest Infinity-O display ever from Infinix; the super-fast, MediaTek Helio G70 processor, ideal for elite mobile gamers and business professionals; a 48MP Quad AI Camera that boasts the highest pixel count in its price range; industry leading 18W super charge 3.0, and XOS 6.0 operating system based on the latest Android™ 10 system.

As is customary of the brand, the Note 7 comes with a stunning body frame with delicate strokes at the rear of the device, animated by three beautiful color choices including Forest green, Aether black and Bolivia blue. 

Infinix unveils the masterfully designed Note 7 in the first online smartphone launch with celebrities in Africa 

Speaking about the launch of the device, Benjamin Jiang, Managing Director of Infinix Mobility said, “We are very proud to launch the NOTE 7 into global markets. The NOTE 7 carries forward the DNA of Infinix by offering the most premium smartphone experience through powerful features, trendy technologies, as well as high-quality hardware and software fusion, all packaged in a stylishly designed smartphone.” In addition, he said, “The NOTE 7 is the device that combines Infinix’s technological innovation strength with our deep insights into our target consumers’ needs to deliver an overall enhanced experience for all types of content consumption and user scenarios. We are confident that both our fans and new users will be amazed when exploring the unlimited possibilities of the new and price-friendly NOTE 7.”
Work and play better with the crystal clear 6.95inches screen and amazing Helio G70 processor
Smartphones have become an indispensable tool in people’s daily work and private life.
Packed with a 6.95” inches HD + Infinity-O display and MediaTek Helio G70 CPU performance, the Infinix NOTE 7 makes for a well-rounded tool that seamlessly bridges daily work and recreation.
For individuals who want to be efficient during working hours, the devices’ 6.95 inches, high-definition Infinity-O display combined with its strong CPU performance can offer fantastic viewing experience and smooth operations for making video calls with business partners, running work-related mobile apps, taking notes or scouring through the internet.
On the other hand, users can enjoy the best of entertainment during leisure on an awe-inspiring cinematic display as well as incredible gaming experiences, and smoother multimedia engagements made possible by the powerful G70 processor.
Capture every blissful moment with the 48MP night shot camera.
The Infinix NOTE 7 boasts of a 48MP Quad Camera that allows users to capture ultra-high-resolution images under different scenes and layout modes. Regardless of the view in focus; a beautiful sunset, a backlight street view, or even highlights from a night out, the NOTE 7 camera is able to capture it all - with crystal clear quality and lifelike beauty. Also sitting at the front of the device is a 16MP selfie camera that guarantees stunning pictures in several modes including portrait.
Shooting videos in low-light has never been this easy. With NOTE 7’s outstanding low-light performance, courtesy of a 1080P low-light video camera that records at 30fps, users will be able to capture every tiny detail and distinct color even in the dark, and without the use of a flash.
Among NOTE 7’s diverse shooting modes, the super stabilized action shot is another major highlight. The shot is achieved by accurately sensing videos without the blur and shake, creating more fun moments. Users are presented with the power to take clear videos and “pause” the action for a brief moment. Even videos taken from a boat out on a rocky sea, or pictures of a skiing fanatic jumping off a snowy slope will be able to fully express the awe-inspiring motion of the moment with beautiful precision.
Power up your smart life with the long lasting 5000mAh battery
To keep the blissful experience going for as long as possible, the NOTE 7 houses a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery, which is complemented with the best-in-class 18W super charge 3.0. With this much battery capacity, users can afford to go heavy on their device for days without charging. And when it’s finally time for a boost, users can achieve full charge in less than 30mins.
Equipped with the latest XOS 6.0 operating system, built on the Android™ 10, the Infinix NOTE 7 introduces a whole new user interface, with snappier performance and exciting new features. Users can customize their phones to suit their own tastes with the latest features, such as Dark Theme and Android 10 Gesture Navigation. The NOTE 7 is also faster and more intuitive with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security options.

Infinix unveils the masterfully designed Note 7 in the first online smartphone launch with celebrities in Africa

The Note 7 will be available across all authorized stores in Nigeria from May, 14, 2020. Interested shoppers can also purchase the device on Xpark at The LITE version of the NOTE 7 is sold for ?67,500, while the primal version is sold for 78,000 and 89,500 for the 64GB+4GBRAM and 128GB+6GB variant respectively.
For more information on the device, visit Infinix Mobility’s website at or you can follow their social media pages @Infinixnigeria on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Phone specification

NOTE 7 Lite
OS Version:
Android™ 10
Android™ 10
MT6762 2.0GHz octa-core
6.95-inch HD+ Infinity-O
6.6-inch HD+ Infinity-O
Selfie camera:
16MP FF with display flash light
8MP with flashlight
Rear camera:
48MP+2MP+2MP+ Low light Video Camera with
Quad Flash-Light (6GB + 128GB)
48MP+2MP+2MP+AI Lens (4GB + 64GB/4GB + 128GB)
48MP+2MP+2MP+AI Lens AF with
Quad Flash-Light
Forest Green, Aether Black, Bolivia Blue
Forest Green, Violet, Space Grey

Check out detailed specifications @

About Infinix
Launched in 2013 and targeting the young generations, Infinix Mobile is a premium online-driven smartphone brand. With “THE FUTURE IS NOW” as the brand essence, Infinix aims to allow consumers to stand out in the crowd and to show the world who they really are. Infinix is committed to providing the most cutting-edge technologies with bold and stylish designs, keeping consumers on trend and up-to-date. Infinix’s portfolio spans five product lines – ZERO, NOTE, HOT, S, and SMART; empowering users to own innovative technologies and experience intelligent lifestyles.

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Mysterious hacker returns £20m in crypto-currencies after 'stealing' it from Chinese trading platform dForce

 Mysterious hacker returns ?20m in crypto-currencies after

A mysterious hacker has reportedly returned £20million worth of stolen funds back to a Chinese crypto-currency exchange platform dForce. According to the founder of dForce, the sum of $25million (£20million) funds in a variety of crypto-currencies was illegally drained from the trading site on Sunday.

The mysterious web attacker returned all the crypto money two days after he stole it. The platform founder Mindao Yang wrote a blog post shortly after the attack took place on April 19.

He explained that the attacker was able to withdraw funds by manipulating the system to falsely increase the amount of crypto-currencies in their account and draining it all before the balance is updated, according to an analysis from PeckShield.  'The hacker(s) have attempted to contact us and we intend to enter into discussions with them,' Yang stated.  'We are doing everything in our power to contain the situation,' He continued. 'This attack not only harmed our users, our partners, and my co-founders, but also me personally. My assets were stolen in this attack, too.' Yang wrote.

In a separate post, Yao revealed that 'nearly all of the stolen funds have been recaptured'. 'It's with great relief that I report that nearly all of the stolen funds have been recaptured through the efforts collaboratively made by our partners, law enforcement, investors, the community, and our team members,' Yang wrote.