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Having slept in and listened to Radio Jambo’s ‘Patanisho‘, I think there are a few things this generation needs to unlearn when it comes to marriage if we are to remain responsible and authoritative as mentors. For example:

1. Children born out of wedlock are not an excuse for marriage
. If a cat sired with a dog, marriage would not bridge the differences in personal convictions in life. And if they moved in together, they would bring up a broken animal that doesn’t know how to be a cat or a dog. It would be confused and broken.

2. There’s no short cut to marriage. There’s a reason why there are rites preceding marriage. If someone is not willing to go the long route, then chances are you also are a shortcut. The long tedious route separates the wheat from the chaff. You don’t want to keep walking in the short cut, then hit a dead end and have to re-direct yourselves back to the starting point 30years later in search of solutions after having been pinned down.I’d also hate it if my children would be the one to go pay my dowry or slaughter cows or goats at my parent’s in a bid to make things straight. Sometimes it becomes difficult to mantain/exert your authority as a parent if your children are the one’s clearing your mess and rectifying your mistakes/oversight. Authority is solidified by responsibility.Date, court, pay dowry marry, sire. Not Sire, marry, and pay dowry or worse case scenario have your kids pay dowry for you. Procedure is key.

3. A man is how he treats his mother and sisters.
A woman is how she treats her parents and siblings. He doesn’t disrespect his mother or lack any regard for his sisters because they are horrible, it’s just his character. And character cannot be developed or sustained by an educated and hot, bankable, light body. It’s only a matter of time before you become like his mother and sisters with your body and education.

4.Lust doesn’t die after marriage.
Some demons are for confronting not pacifying. If the foundation for your marriage is the physique, pray for blindness literally because it’s only a matter of time before you get bored and another exciting physique strolls by.
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What is the best food for your cat?

Animals enjoy eating several types of pet food, including wet food and dry food. A person who is ready to adopt any pet mostly worries about giving them the correct diet. Adopting cats as a pet is concerning as it is tough to decide which food is best for them and what they can eat. Pet food is the main factor which helps in the growth of animals. Cats have specific nutrition and diet requirements for their proper growth and therefore a balanced cat diet is mostly recommended by pet doctors. Chemical treatments during manufacturing affect the nutrition in the food. Many nutrients, like amino acids and vitamins, are affected by temperature and pressure during processing. It is, therefore, necessary to add all these nutrients back in the food after manufacturing to avoid deficiencies in your cat. 

What type of food is necessary for your Cat?

Protein is the nutrient that cats need the most. It is the primary source of energy in their diet. But this doesn’t mean a cat diet cannot include fruits, grains, and vegetables. They can eat this type of food also. Cats are known to be meat-lovers. They need to eat meat to get a sufficient amount of protein. Protein makes their heart strong and helps improve their vision. The proper amount of protein in their diet also helps to improve their reproductive system.
Chicken, lean deli meats, turkey and cooked beef, are the best way to provide protein to cats. However, care should be taken as cats can get sick by eating spoiled or raw meat.

Every cat has different diet requirements according to its needs:

Cat food is not just about meat or protein. Cats can digest a variety of foods and can get the required nutrients from a variety of menus. Pet food is not about giving flesh to the animals. The essential purpose of pet food is to provide animals with a proper diet that will help them to grow healthy. Pet nutritionists study the body of your cat and its needs for growth. These nutritionists than prepare the cat diet according to the requirements. They select the ingredients that are beneficial, taste good and are easily digestible.

Is there any need to make a feeding routine for your cat?

Mostly, cats love to eat a lot. But sometimes it is necessary to set an appropriate time and diet routine for your cat. Cats only need an appropriate amount of food for their growth.  Although cats love to eat all day and feed on time to time. However, eating all day can result in overweight and make your cat fat.  Therefore, a proper feeding routine with measured proportions is necessary to ensure their proper growth while keeping them healthy, fit and active. If a cat is overweight, a feeding routine can help it to lose weight and make it healthy.
Apart from this, the habit of eating all day cannot be accessible if a person is feeding the cat with wet food. However, dry food is convenient in this matter and it is safe to leave out for the whole day.

What are the different food options for your cat?

Dry food and Wet food are the two significant types of food cats can eat. We can feed our cats with both dry and wet foods according to required cat nutrition.

1.  Dry Cat Food

Dry food is comparatively more convenient. It can easily be stored and makes litter boxes more comfortable to clean. Dry cat food is more economical and can be gentler on your budget. Some cats are perfectly fine with dry food which is left behind for free-choice feeding.
Although a dry cat diet is typical, it is not suitable for cats with health conditions. It is the food that younger cats can eat comfortably. Older cats may have a hard time to intake dry cat food than wet cat food, especially if they have gum or dental issues. Canned dry food is the best food option for older cats than the crunchy kibble they used to eat at a younger age. Cats that only eat dry food are more likely to develop diabetes. Dry food contains more carbohydrates. The excess amount of glucose in dry food can make them feel obsessed. The reason behind this is the lack of water content in dry cat food that makes it easy to digest. That may lead to chronic dehydration, chronic renal failure, and other health issues.

2.  Wet Cat Food

Wet cat foods are the best foods that meet the cat’s nutrition requirements. It is similar to raw food and provides more hydration. Wet food comes in cans and sometimes pre-measured portions that are loved by the cats. This food contains more moisture content that gives more water to cats with kidney and urinary problems. It also helps them to overcome dehydration and reduces the risk of crystal formation.
Wet cat food is generally more expensive and costs more for its volume. It is smellier than the dry cat food, and we cannot leave it out in the bowl for more time. Some cats don’t like cold food though, so you may need to warm it for 3-5 secs in the microwave before serving.

3.  Feeding blend of mixed food:

Blender of different foods can be another option apart from wet food and dry food. You can feed dry food to your cat in the morning and wet food in the evening. A blend of wet and dry food can help a cat to get additional moisture with her meal.
No matter which food you serve your cat, either dry or wet, this debate doesn’t end quickly. Each cat has a unique taste and preference. You can either go with your cat’s choice or consult with your cat’s vet to decide the most suitable food that completes its nutrition requirements, is healthy and is also tasty.
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10 ways to increase IQ level and get smarter

 10 ways to increase IQ level and get smarter

Are you a person of normal IQ score and searching for ways to increase IQ level? Cheers! Because in this blog, you are about to find some simple rules that are going to benefit you. Don’t worry; they are easy to practice, as well. There is a misconception that intelligence quotient remains fixed and unchangeable when we grow older. But research proves that people can raise IQ level, no matter which age they are of. As to make our body healthy, we do exercises. Just like that to improve IQ and make our brain strong, we need to do some mental workout.
So here are ten practical tips that will help you out to boost up your normal IQ score for sure.

Get Enough Sleep to Increase IQ:

You might be thinking that sleep is something that you take daily. But what we usually don’t consider is the irregular sleep pattern that causes damage to our brain and body cells. According to a research of Loughborough University Sleep Center, less than 8 hours of sleep can severely affect our intelligence quotient to a full one point.

Learn a Foreign Language:

Learning a new language can improve IQ level to a significant point. Bilingual people tend to be more intelligent, and they pick up things quickly. Research proves that learning a new language increases mental capability.
When our brain starts to navigate the new set of rules, it increases the volume of your hippocampus, which helps to learn. You can begin to learn by downloading different apps and dictionaries on your phone.

Learn an Instrument to Improve IQ:

Learning an instrument does the same as learning a different language. When we start to involve in an activity which is unfamiliar to us, our brain cells begin to organize the new data through our senses. And plays an instrument involves most of the senses.

So if you don’t have an interest in learning a new language, you can instead learn an instrument such as guitar, violin, piano or even flute, you can learn to raise IQ.

Playing Chess Can Raise IQ Level:

Mind games are like exercise for the brain; that is why they are called mind games. And which game can be the best when we talk about them?
Definitely Chess! This is a game which has been played from centuries in the history of different cultures. There is no other game which defines the subtle intellect than chess. In historical tales, we see that the most intelligent people had a fondness and sometimes obsession with it. The great rulers of the times used to play chess and plan agendas against their enemies using the game tactics. This validates how chess help in improving intelligence quotient.

Reading Can Increase IQ:

There is no doubt that reading helps to raise IQ. Reading broadens our vocabulary, increases knowledge and experiences. So start by reading a newspaper daily. Keep a book in your bag while you are travelling. Therefore you don’t get bored when internet signals are not available.
Reading from a screen is not suggested, usually. And to be honest, when you are reading a novel or fictional content on the screen, it doesn’t provide that much fun as the book does.
Believe me, it is going to boost up the normal IQ score.

Adopt The Hobby To Write:

Always keep a notepad and pen with you. If you are really interested to increase IQ, write down everything, especially if you are a student. It is a proven practice that those students who write out points while studying pick quicker than the others and their learning capability is better as well.

It is because writing the thoughts repeats them in mind, and our brain memorizes them more effectively. So make this your habit. Who knows you might be hiding a great writer or poet in you. You can also use different writing apps for your ease when you are unable to carry a diary. Don’t waste your precious thoughts.

Develop Interest in Puzzles:

Puzzles are also kind of mind games that can improve IQ level. Usually, people don’t know about it, but there is a little secret about these types of games which helps you to become more intellectual. It is called “focus”. Games like chess and puzzles which demand full attention and focus of our mind are actually it to become stronger. Intelligent brains in agencies solve cases like puzzles. They break the problem into pieces and join them together one by one, making a clearly visible picture.

Challenge Yourself:

Challenge yourself to perform better in tasks that involve concentration. If you think you are bad at a specific subject, challenge yourself to overcome it. For example, some people consider themself worst at maths. Therefore, for them, it is suggested to give more time to the subject. The more you practice, the more you will increase IQ level. Do not get disappointed if you see a slower improvement as compare to what you expected. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Explore to Increase IQ Score:

Exploration is always beneficial. Through your curiosity, you can get uncountable opportunities to learn and grow your intelligence quotient. Sometimes kids ask us questions and leave us wondering how this thought came into their minds. Well, it is simple. They feed their curiosity. What, how, why, where, when, the rule to explore lies upon these.

In this era where information is on our fingertips through the internet, we can avail the opportunity and increase our knowledge and IQ at the same time easily.

Join The Company Of Intelligent People:

Your company defines you. It is not just a saying, it is a fact. Our friends shape our mind on a significant proportion. We don’t notice, but we share our habits with them and penetrate theirs. To increase IQ, it is suggested to keep a company of intellectuals who think deeply and talk with calculated facts and figures. After all, having such people around leaves a prominent impression on our personality.
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Must READ FOR LADIES: You’ve Put Too Much Salt In A Dish?…Here’s How To Reverse The Mistake

Must READ FOR LADIES: You’ve Put Too Much Salt In A Dish?…Here’s How To Reverse The Mistake

Put Too Much Salt In A Dish?…Here’s How To Reverse The Mistake
There is nothing so mortifying and disappointing than adding too much salt in a dish.
Imagine you’ve invited your fiends and guests over for dinner or lunch, upon sampling the dish before putting it in the serving bowls, you realize it’s too salty. The horror! The scandal! The Outrage!

Reasons Why Food Can Get Too Salty

Some foods come already salted or are high in sodium, you may have got too enthusiastic with the salt shaker (happens to the best of us), or you’re cooking the ingredients for the dish separately so you have all salted them then mixed them, and the result is a nightmare.
It’s also awkward to keep apologizing to the guests throughout the meal about too much salt in the food.
You might also be tempted to throw the food away altogether and order takeout or settle for a less cool dish.
Don’t worry, we can salvage the situation, we may still be able to serve the dish and still go on with the meal as planned.

Put a potato in it!

This is the best and most popular method to fix this issues.
Just peel a potato or 2 and add them in the salty dish. Leave them inside for a while.
Potatoes will absorb the excess salt through osmosis. The good potato has a high osmotic potential.

Add more liquid.

Usually water works just fine or other liquids like milk or broth, functioning as a base liquid for your dish. Add a little bit at a time and simmer.

Add a sweetener

This is my favorite cheat code, when I have over salted a dish, I add a little sugar or sweet chilli or honey, this will help to balance out the saltiness. It has worked for me several times.

Add An Acidic food.

Foods like lemons, limes, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar or wine vinegar or even mustard can neutralize that salty taste in food.

Remember not to overdo it to avoid the after taste so a little at a time will do.

You Can Add More

If you still have the ingredients, cook them on the side without salt and add them to the salty food and they will absorb and evenly distribute the salt.

You can rinse the salt off.

I’ve mostly done this with meat or pasta. If I’ve oversalted, I just rinse it off with running cold water and re-season it or reheat it in the microwave.

Add Starchy Foods.

You can add uncooked rise, couscous or pasta, they will absorb the salt.

Add More Green Veggies

Especially if it’s a salty soup, just add the greens, spinach and other green leafed veggies, they will absorb the salt.

Add A Dairy Product

Greek Yogurt, heavy cream, unsalted white sauce, buttermilk, these can all neutralize the excess salt.

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Did you know: Cows goes through puberty?


Teenage cows have Moo-Moo-Mood swings and are rebellious during puberty. Mommy cows apparently deal with the same as you.

Moody teenage cows is a thing. It’s not only human kids that goes through identity crisis during puberty, cows feel the same. This new research comes from the University of British Columbia, writes The Globe And Mail.
Some of the things the research discovered was that cows goes through a very moody phase when they are between six to eight months. Yes, we all wish our puberty went this fast too. They also found that cows are extrovert and introvert too, and this personality trait is consistent through life.
Teenage cow calf
The puberty struggle is real. Photo: Pixabay
A professor at the University, Marina von Keyserlingk, stated:
“It’s important to identify the animals who are struggling to cope. They are not all the same but have differences in personality types. Individuals should matter,”
And we already know that happy people produce better, and the same goes for animals. This was also evident in the research. Shy cows that was a little afraid or skeptical of humans produced less milk.
“Here we use science to improve the lives of animals on the farm. It would be nice to tweak management practices based on personality traits and identifying who those animals are,” Prof. von Keyserlingk said.
We love research that make us understand the animals better and make us able to provide a better life for them. Boss research, as we would say.


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Tanzanian miner and father-of-30 becomes overnight millionaire after digging up huge gemstones worth $3.35 million (Photos)

Tanzanian miner and father-of-30 becomes overnight millionaire after digging up huge gemstones worth $3.35 million (Photos)

A Tanzanian miner and father-of-30 children has become an overnight millionaire after digging up two massive chunks of one of the world's rarest gemstones worth $3.35million.

The Tanzanian government handed Saniniu Laizer a cheque for 7.74 billion Tanzanian shillings ($3.35million) for the two dark violet-blue stones during a trading event in the northern region of Manyara on Wednesday, June 24.