"Acting or performing something in the same way across time so that it is correct" is how the term "consistent" is defined.

  •  You've probably heard that consistency is essential for branding, and that is entirely true.
  • The most crucial thing you can do for your brand is maintain consistency once you know why branding is vital, have clarity regarding your brand strategy, and have artistically put together your brand identity design.

What exactly is brand consistency?

"Acting or performing something in the same way over time such that it is accurate every time" is the definition of the term "consistent." It can also indicate to agree with or be in harmony with something. When it comes to your brand, this means acting in a way that is consistent with and in line with your values, mission, vision, and the rest of your brand. Your creations should all adhere to these principles.

Consistency is about establishing your reputation as the best cake-baker in the area, whereas brand strategy is like the recipe, directions, and ingredients for baking a cake and brand design is the actual baking of the cake.

"Acting or performing something in the same way across time so that it is correct" is how the term "consistent" is defined.

More people will recognize you for who you are as you become more consistent; they will recognize your colors, imagery, and speaking style, among other things; and they will immediately think of you when they are seeking for what it is that you do.

For what reasons is consistency crucial for creative brands?

Being more visible is one of our main objectives as creatives who want to spread our talent and inspire others. Brands that are displayed regularly get 3–4 times higher attention, according to a Lucid Press study. Because of this, consistency is truly what you should be concentrating on if you want to spread the word about yourself, share your work with the world, or reach a larger audience. The more constant you are, the more visible you will be, the more eyes you will receive on your work, the more you will be able to develop your audience, and the more you will be able to convince people to purchase your goods, the more successful you will be.

And while we are passionate, creative individuals who are motivated by an inner need to create, money is not always the primary motivator behind all we do, economics are nonetheless significant. Making money is essential to building a successful business because it allows us to acquire the funds we require to expand our production, expand the markets we serve, and expand our customer base. Consistent brands are related with a 23% average revenue growth. Being consistent results in a big percent gain in revenue. Consistency is what you need to concentrate on if you want to increase your revenue by almost 25% since it will encourage customers to return to you, stay devoted to you, have faith in you, and share you with others.

According to "MakerandMoxie" Also, 60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences with brands, whether in person, online, on the phone, in-store – wherever they experience your brand, they're expecting it to be consistent. So if they hop onto your social media and see one thing and then they go in-store and it’s completely different and the experience feels really weird, and then they talk to your customer service and that's different again, you're creating a really confusing, all over the show experience, and that's not gonna get people coming back for more. These people are expecting consistency, so we've gotta give it to 'em.

The following five factors make consistency crucial:

Clarity: Consistency is the key to maintaining brand clarity and ensuring that your audience understands exactly what it is you do and what you stand for. The more often you employ the same consistent language and design, the more your audience will understand what you stand for since they will immediately recognize it. When your brand is clear, consistency is the best method to keep it that way while letting your audience know exactly what you do and are about. Your audience will become more clear in their minds because they will immediately understand what you're about the more often you apply the same consistent language and design.

Recognition: People will recognize you for that more often if you constantly repeat your brand's narrative, design, mission, and other elements. Personally, I have consistently used the same color scheme over time, and as a result, people have come to associate me with that color scheme. People recognize me when they see my orange Instagram photos. People now recognize me for my distinctive style, which I've used repeatedly and consistently. The same holds true while discussing your work. I recently narrowed down my focus, identified you as my target demographic, and have been emphasizing my role as a brand coach for creatives constantly. I consistently reiterate my goal of fostering creativity around the world one brand at a time, and that is present in all of my messages. People are starting to recognize me as the brand coach for creatives because of the consistency with which I have shared this messaging across all of my channels. You must therefore constantly reiterating your.

Reliability: Your audience will view you as more trustworthy if you are more consistent. Your audience will know they can rely on you if you consistently deliver on your promises to appear, for instance, once a week to record a podcast where everything feels the same, sounds the same, looks the same, and is of the same caliber. They understand that Hollie is a trustworthy brand and that they can count on her because she always shows up and performs everything as promised. Consistency improves that dependability since it demonstrates to your audience that you are a brand they can trust.

Trust: The process that people must go through in order to buy from you or make some sort of investment in you is to get to know, like, and then trust you. As a result, consistency also increases trust. The main one is trust. To reach that last investment, people must first gain their trust. Customers are more likely to make purchases from you, schedule your service, purchase your prints online, or contribute to your Patron when they have faith in you and an instinctive belief that you can help them or are a reliable brand that is worthwhile investing in.

 Because it demonstrates that you are a reliable brand, consistency aids in the development of that trust. The customer will get to know you very well because you discuss the same subjects and themes repeatedly, you can be trusted to be who you say you are, and because when they see you online, they can be assured that the product's quality corresponds to what they saw in person. All of these factors will increase the customer's trust in you.

Your personal brand is a guarantee to your client, a promise of consistency, competence, and dependability, according to Jason Hartman. - developing that trust is the foundation of your own brand. promising your audience that you'll appear, that you're reliable in how you do it and that you are skilled at what you do.

LOYALTY: Following on from trust comes loyalty. Making a customer a devoted customer after they have made a purchase from you is the aim. The importance of developing a devoted fan base cannot be overstated for creatives, especially for emerging artists. The cost of acquiring a new customer is also far higher than the cost of maintaining an existing one in terms of time, effort, energy, and financial gain. Making a consistent effort can help you keep your current clients and keep them coming back. Creating a consistent brand and experience will encourage customers to return time and time again when you introduce new products, for instance, if you're an illustrator with an online store and you once sold pins. This is because it will be consistent with what they have come to anticipate from you. They remain loyal because the experience is consistent, aligns with your mission and vision, and upholds your values. They want more, they admire what you do, and they are aware that it will always have the same feel and be for them. Loyalty is fostered by consistency, and that is what you want; it is the main objective.

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