Akwa Ibom based Female celebrity Influencer, brand strategist & Model, Writer, and lots more, with the name " Happiness Brendan “ has made uncountable


Akwa Ibom based Female celebrity Influencer, brand strategist & Model, Writer, and lots more, with the name " Happiness Brendan “ has made uncountable impact and has awesomely carved a name for her own state “Akwa Ibom” being a representative of Akwa Ibom to a known and highly reputable Online Social Media Platform, “ Yorochi Tv.

The Presence of the celebrity Influencer was noticed and recognized by Virtually all student who were present in campus most especially the female students who may have been  esteem followers, fan & Supporters.

2nd Runner up Miss Yorochi TV 2.0, “ Happiness Brendan “ is known to be an accommodating person who is totally against oppression and discrimination, this alone has made her one of the best female influencer in the State.

You know, often times we birthed this misconception that “Influencers mostly the female gender are this bossy, discriminating, and oppressive” but we also fail to understand that all of this differs  from Value.

With all this, Famous “Happiness Brendan” still maintains her Self-Worth and Dignity.


A very engaging questions I guess you'll wanna ask might be, “ What Led To her Visit ? “Who was the reason behind her Visit”? all of this questions are worth answering .

Gathering detailed informations,  Admirable Happiness Brendan took herself out on a friendly visit to meet up with her in-law who happens to be a One Of The Top Akwa Ibom Best Photographer , with the name Macauley Ufanobong2Vogue Photography”  but the location was what sounded her arrival as if they were all expecting her. 

Without exaggeration it was recorded that she had over 60 handshakes, 40+ warm hug embrace, and about a waved  to as many who drew her attention by calling her name.

Also, Happiness Brendan was on her well branded polo with a jean and a simple foot wear that made her looked highly accessible and approachable.

She took a work down to the girls hostel area were she had a reception by her In-law (host) and was also received by her online friends who never expected her visit but  met her coincidentally .

Lady Happiness Brendan who has model  for many brands and companies, took a work into the University of Uyo at around 4:33pm and left the school premises at around 7:09 all pm..

One of the most shocking moment that drew the attention of almost everyone around the Eatery Bar, as when a young slim lady screamed out her name and ran to hug her, this took over 15min like It was that serious she felt so amazed an never thought of letting go off her arms…

The Presence of the Celebrity Influencer Brought excessive joy and smile on so many faces, this alone made her day and according to her it’s remarkable.

We Celebrate You…….

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