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Who Is Zubbyb?

Who Is Zubbyb?

 Who Is Zubbyb ? 

Nigeria most creative movie Actress with the name " Godwin blessing Nzubechi" well known as  " Zubbyb " without name conflict to the famous Zubby Michael" she has made a whole lot out of her creativity and is still yet to hit the peak of her dreams...

Famous Zubbyb has been a part of many movie series such as Blue-city, Mirage, Oriala, kingdom bondage, Captain Uka, Definition, Copper wire, Tears of Keviena. and also worked with directors like Edward Uka, Frank Chinedu, Royal Prince, Isaac C. Oguchukwu, Vyrox etc

Popular Zubbyb is a Versatile creative Feminist whose dreams has never been to be independent or parasitic rather putting much effort in exploring the world at large with her creative zeal and Talent.

 guess what?  Zubbyb is a Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Make-over Artiste, Model, Script-writer, and lots more..

She has made a whole lot of creative impact in her world, so far she has been in the Voluntary business of Advocating for all Girl child in distress and assault or molestation of all kind...

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