Time heals all wounds, hate, injury and scars.  24hours everyday, People use their time differently. Some utilizes their time to do things that are of great benefits, some use their time to make people's life miserable.

It's all about our different mindsets. Truth be told if you really want to know a man check how he uses his time. Time runs faster than the oceans; once it is lost, it can't be recovered. We can't go back to 2020, 2010 etc because it's past. All we can do is have the memories but if we had invested the time of those years listed above we will be very happy that we used it in doing something great and unique. 

 Time waits for no one. The world is messy because instead of us utilizing our time to do something gainful, we hate on people who are actually using their time. Plant a seed, give it time, you will be amazed how it turns out to be an incredible fruit or vegetable.

 We all have passion for something right???

  What we have passion can give us cash right??

Why not start learning that stuff!! Yes at first it will really be tough but with time you will become an expert and in turn use it to earn cash, but first always make sure you put God in all you do.

Time works in all sectors. Just like in the church you can't just wake up one day and know God in different dimesions .You need to fast, it takes time, study the word of God it takes time, pray, it takes time. When you're done sacrificing your time, you will be amazed at the result.

If you get your heart broken, give it time, it will heal and yeah if for you to heal you need to stay away from your ex then do it. People heal differently. It's all but a process.

We can do anything and everything we put our minds to. All we need to do is utilise our time well and trust me you will become an expert in no time. 

Nothing good comes easy you need to sacrifices your time so you can get results, just like we humans years back we were babies now we're all grown, beautiful and handsome. It took our parents time and sacrifices to get us here. So, make great use of your time so you'll attain greater heights, remember, Time waits for no man!!!.

No to hate📌📌