Reactions As Lady Cries Out After Her Lesbian Partner Beats Her Up

Reactions As Lady Cries Out After Her Lesbian Partner Beats Her Up


Domestic violence is something that is common in almost every Family. Almost everyday we hear different cases of men beating up their wives, or even women beating up their husbands. Most people assume that the domestic violence is only between husband and wife but it is actually more than that.

It is no longer news that we have different kinds of couples in the world, we know of ladies that get married to their fellow ladies and men that get married to their fellow men. Even though such is not legalized in Nigeria, there are countries that have approved of such acts.

A lady took to Twitter to share her plight and speak out about what she is facing in her relationship. According to the lady, she is in a relationship with another Woman who assaulted her. Her Girlfriend is an abusive individual, and she beat her up badly to the extent of her bleeding.

She said that won't be the first time that her girlfriend is doing such a thing, she said the lover also has a history of beating up her previous girlfriend. She said these while sharing pictures of her bruises for people to see.

This just proves that domestic violence is not gender base, it is not always the Men that abuse Women. Even Women abuse their fellow Women, Men also abuse their fellow Men. Most times it's not about the gender, it is about that particular individual.

Most people just derive joy in hurting others, they feel this kind of entitlement and superiority when they hurt other people. It's not always about the person's gender, one can choose to be a bully irrespective of their gender.

People in the comments section didn't hesitate to share their thoughts, most people were against the bullying while other people said otherwise. Some ladies said that they can't stay and get beaten by their fellow Woman, see reactions below;