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 Biography: The Renowned Student Mental Health Advocate "Prince Nnanna Daniel

Prince Nnanna Daniel is a passionate mental health advocate, writer, and psychologist trainee born in the bustling Elephant City of Aba, Nigeria.`

Prince's personal struggles with depression and eventual healing led him to pursue his true passion. He is currently studying to become a psychologist at the University of Uyo, after beginning his academic journey in Electrical Engineering.

He is the founder of SaferPlace Africa, an initiative that aims to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues within student communities in Nigeria and Africa. Through this organization, he organizes various events to mark World Suicide Prevention Day, World Mental Health Day, and other mental health programs in collaboration with both local and international organizations.

Aside from his work with SaferPlace Africa, Prince is also a talented writer who aims to bridge the gap between everyday life and mental health conditions. He hopes to use his writing to help people understand the underlying correlations between mental health and everyday relationships, as well as increase awareness about the importance of seeking help when struggling with mental health issues.


  "The Commitment Roadmap to Loving Freely and Deeply


 Don't wait any longer to take the leap towards relationship bliss and support your mental wellbeing.


Prince Nnanna Daniel

[email protected]

With his dedication, passion, and commitment to mental health advocacy, Prince Nnanna Daniel is a true inspiration and a powerful voice in the fight to improve mental health care within student communities in Nigeria and across Africa...

IBOM TV Provides The Latest News In Areas Of Celebrity Gist, Gossip and Rumours, Entertainment News, Nigeria Politics and international politics.

 Biography Of Popular "Odhii" , Age, Net-worth, & Relationship

Odinamma Okereke, widely recognised by her pet name " Odhii" is a 19year old prodigy known for an exceptional personality.

Born into the family of Mr and Mrs Okereke on November 17th, 2003, she hails from "Abia state" She's currently pursuing her degree in Mass Communication  at the University of Nsukka, Nigeria.

Odhii as she is popularly called is quite multi-talented & Creative as she possesses skills in different areas which has helped in developing her profile and as well served as an added advantage exposing her to countless opportunities.

She is a creative writer and a content creator, having her niche rooted in entertainment and lifestyle. She is a model and dancer, and has also made her way through into the male dominated field "Photography" leaving imprints of excellence in her work which makes her stand out from the rest.

Odhii On Movie Set

Just like every other young person with side distractions, Odhii's hobbies include taking photos, shopping and making videos and with this it can be deduced that her supposed side distractions are actually vital part of her career path too.

While still on a journey to self discovery, Odhii remains determined to scale through life hurdles and ultimately reach the top.

For reasons based known to her managment "Odhii's" Net-worth, & Relationship will be kept Private...