DAINTY gotten from his full name (DAN, NDIGHEABAIKPONG INIOBONG), is a lover of Gospel music. A member of an Acapella group called HARMONY SINGERS. An actor, movie writer and director. He bases in Abak LGA of Akwa Ibom State. A graduate of civil engineering then determines to go fully into gospel music as a carrier.
   The song "NSUTO IMA (WHAT KIND OF LOVE)" composed by DAINTY and produced by Otosonic Studios, is a spirit filled worship song wondering on how God's love is excess in his life during his ups and downs. It is a well written and composed song that the lyrics touches almost all areas of God's love in his life thereby living him with nothing but a heartily question on his lips "NSUTO IMA (WHAT KIND OF LOVE?)"

Yire Fwesh

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